Name: Donell Johnson
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Donell is a man that stands about 5'11" tall, with a decent build. His usual attire consists of his work clothes: A simple pair of brown shoes, a pair of black slacks, a red T-shirt, and the orange jacket that identifies him as the general manager of the textile plant where he works. Donell's face has a sharp contour, and his eyes are a bright green. His hair, which is a positively livid red, is short but messy, with his bangs hanging loosely over his face.
How Donell managed to reach his job position is a true mystery, because he is a VERY lazy person. Donell has almost no interests in anything. When he needs Stringer to do something on the net, he'll typically just lounge around on his couch and flip through TV channels, or just wander off and get something to eat, leaving Stringer alone on the net. He's really not much of an operator, since Stringer is the one usually telling him what Battlechips to use (when he's actually around, anyway).
PET Modifications:
Standard, except for a red/white pallete swap.