Birth Name: Leon Tjekian
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Roughly six and a half feet tall. He currently wears his brown hair short, slightly longer on the top. When he actually combs it, he combs it to the right in a professional appearance. When he doesn't comb it... it looks like bed head, going every which way, and sometimes in mildly humorous poses. Leon is a wide man, likened to a life size teddy bear or a refrigerator by his navi.

He likes wearing straight leg bluejeans and a hooded sweatshirt. He has accumulated a wide assortment of hoodies, so he can wear them almost for two weeks straight without repeating one... although he often times wears the same hoodie two or more days in a row. He also wears a black leather belt with a custom clasp on it, mostly for looks. He wears high-top sneakers to help make his feet look smaller.

Fairly self-conscious and randomly timid, he enjoys tinkering with electronics and his PET. He tends to work worse in large groups or with people he doesn't know, however once he befriends someone he is there for them even during the worst of times. Likewise, once someone is truly on his bad side, they feel the full and unrelenting sting of his satirical nature. His character flaws are his highly sarcastic and satirical nature and his generally lazy attitude when it comes to doing actual physical labor.

Leon was an incredibly smart student, although not particularly driven or interested. He graduated at 18, and began studying how to build PETs and how to customize Navi's at the local university. He found this extremely intriguing, and being the first time he really applied himself, graduated with a 4-year degree in less than 3. This gives him an uncanny ability to customize his PET and Navi. Also, having knowledge in programming and how the net works he has a very low ability to hack security cubes, although he rarely, if ever, uses it (only for plot purposes, not to gain access to people's e-mail/HP's).

PET Modifications
The PET now has built in 6.1 audio capabilities, although the sub has to be plugged in separately. It can also double as an ocarina, not that Leon can play the ocarina very well. The PET no longer has overdrive mode, as he gave that PET to an old friend with Illumina installed in it.