Name: Trenn Hiyazaku
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Hair: Shoulder-length, but in a ponytail with a black wrap.
Hair-Color: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Piercings: None

Clothing: Trenn sports a white, long-sleeved shirt with a digital watch under the right sleeve, a blue vest, black jeans with a belt that has a PET-holder attached, and has black shoes.

Personality: Trenn, in one word, would be known as "Lazy". But he'd also be known as Hard-Working, as well It all depends on his mood, really. His personality is an enigma to those who don't know him closely, so unless you're a close friend of him, expect to see his "outward" side; cold, near-emotionless, quiet, and constantly with a frown on his face. Once you manage to get past the many walls and defenses he throws up, however, you'll find a good, kind-hearted man... if still a bit lazy.

Pet Modifications: None.

History: A few years back, Trenn used to operate a navi known as "Soundman.exe". Unfortunately, that navi was lost to Trenn through a series of events, and had to be placed in storage, never to return. Trenn then made a new navi with his ol' mysterious method of falling asleep halfway to completion, and awoke only to find his navi was completed, as if by magic. So, to commemorate this occasion, Trenn came up with the perfect name for the navi: Wiz. "Because a Wizard did it". Trenn left for college some time after that, and managed to get a master's degree in Netnavi-Specialized Programming. Now, four years later, he's returned to ACDC, ready to start all over again...