Name: Jared Travis Farnam, "J.T."
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jared stands at 5' 10" and weighs in at around 150 lbs. He has light skin and short, curly red hair. His normally poor eyesight forces him to wear glasses for every-day activities. His preferred manner of dress includes loose fitting clothing, but nothing really baggy. For pants, he prefers cargo or craftsman's khakis (various colors, depending on the day you see him) with lots of pockets to keep tools and other items in, while affording comfort and a generous range of mobility, yet still very durable. For shirts, a simple, comfortable, and loose fitting t-shirt works just fine. Add a jean jacket when it gets cooler.

Personality: Jared's a fairly easy going guy. Light, upbeat, and friendly; he has no problems talking with just about anyone. He's level headed, insightful, and a natural-born problem solver. While he is tolerant and possesses a great deal of patience, it's also true that that only goes so far when he knows someone's pushing it. When all else fails, he'll go with his gut.

PET Modifications:
- Enhanced data storage capability. (Broadside's data requires alot of memory)
- Extra durable PET casing. (to protect the extra memory)
- Smoke Grey case color with White and Black markings, and Red Chip-Slots.
- Cable, IR, and Wireless Jack-in capability.