In today's top story, an unprecedented breakthrough that will change the way NetNavis travel the network. The Global Network Administration has released an open-source mass virus scanner software update for all NetNavis, disseminated through an automatic broadcast to every network. The installation has been tested quite thoroughly, allowing any and all NetNavis to instantly determine the behavior of any viruses they find on the internet to the tiniest of details. That's right, any virus!

Viral Behaviorist, Dr. Stephen Robert Irving, who led the research team that led to the development of this amazing new tool, commented that he hopes that their hard work will lead to a safer Internet for all, perhaps even reducing casualties by stray deletions to zero. Sponsored by the Global Network Administration, this new tool is also hoped to explore new frontiers in exploring the habitats of certain rare viruses that have been said to be less hostile to NetNavis.

This scanner software is also linked to a globally curated list of viruses, which may be accessed through the GNA's Information Databases. Any unknown viruses that may be discovered in the future will have its data instantly uploaded to this database, ensuring that all Navis can stay up to date on potential network threats. However, as always, NetNavis are advised to exercise caution when exploring networks, as this tool only provides information on viruses. Should any viruses encountered be too much of a threat, it is always recommended to find a way to avoid confrontation.

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