Season's greetings, and welcome to News Server. We're here live from the ACDC Network, where we're reporting a high amount of festive mood from the local residents, with decorated trees along the roads and festive cheer among the Navis. But that's not all. ACDC wouldn't be complete without the centerpiece of the town setting up his own little twist on holiday festivities. That's right, Electopia's #1 Chip Shop owner, Soryu, is once again having his holiday trader open to the public, as a promotion for his shop to all Netbattlers.

Young Navis from all over the network gleefully showing off their newly-received chips can be seen along the networks, and you too can participate! We'll be showing an email address shortly on the screen, where you can send in a Battlechip of your own. Depending on the rarity of the chip that you send in, the automated holiday chip trader will send you a chip of relatively equal value back, or possibly more! Happy holidays to all from Soryu's -- the best place for all of your Battlechip needs.