The beginning of this scheduled news server report begins with a navi with her hands folded on a fairly standard news desk. Unlike most daily news reports, however, she is wearing a peaked black witch's hat, and in place of the normal desk-top decoration is a carved pumpkin, lit to display the silhouette of an iconographed Nightmare. The backdrop on the set seems to have also been decorated with a selection of fake spider webs, several of which bear plastic spiders or potentially misplaced bats. The reporter grins for the camera before speaking.

"Seasons greetings from your news server! The time for spooky stories and mischief is here again, and what better way to get into the spirit than to give a friend a fun treat... or perhaps a sneaky trick! Several individuals from the local charity community are hosting an event guaranteed to surprise and scare, excite and entertain! During the event, mailing lines will be open for friends to exchange gifts of fun seasonal costumes with each other, and a charitable donation to help navis in need will be made for each gift exchanged throughout the event! Details for the broadcast will be on your screens now, so get creative and have some fun with it, in the name of a good cause. Remember to play safe and stay safe these holidays, from all of us here at the news server!"


This year's costume exchange give away is being held Here! The same rules as usual apply, with extra details explained on the event page. Each character pair can submit a seasonal costume to as many other players and NPCs as they wish, limit of one submission per recipient, to This Email, to gain FXP with that character. Exchanges can be given both ways, so you may design a costume for a friend, and receive mutual fxp, and your friend may design one for you in return, for a second award as well. The event will run all the way through the season, and likely into November, to give players plenty of time to get their submissions in. Links will become active here once the appropriate threads and email addresses are made.