This news broadcast begins with a navi dressed up in bright red and white Santa attire, ringing a large bronze bell above his head. The report is set in a snowy street, with several houses all merrily curling smoke from their respective chimneys in the background. He begins speaking in a jovial Christmasy tone.

"Hear ye, Hear ye! It's that time again everyone. The time for festivities and sharing. For appreciating what you have, and who you have, and giving freely to others as well. One particular group of charitable individuals would like to announce that they will be holding a charity event to run throughout the Christmas season!" The news navi had begun walking down the snow-covered street, still talking to the camera in a reporterly way as he continued.

"The wonderful thing about this event is that the navis running it aren't representing any particular faction or organisation. No, they are just a group of individuals who want to give something back to their community and help those less fortunate than themselves, and everyone can pitch in along with them! They will be accepting any and all donations of chips, to be gifted to less privileged navis everywhere. It doesn't matter what you donate, anything is appreciated!" As he said this, the address for donations began to display at the bottom of the camera view.

"Donations can be sent securely to the collection address showing on your screens now, though the navis organising the event have mentioned that they may run extra competitions throughout the season, for donations fulfilling special criteria that they'll talk about as they come up! As well as that, they'll also be giving away fantastic chip prizes as a thank you gift to anyone who donates a chip to their cause, so dust off those old folders you never use, folks, and give with all your heart!"


This year's chip trader give away is being held Here! The same rules as usual apply, with extra details explained on the event page. Each character pair can submit one chip to This Email, to receive another chip in return. The event will run all the way through January, due to the late start.