An advertisement has started to play on the News Server. The voice is a loud, booming one, clearly designed to get your attention...and clearly not Soryu's voice.


A picture of Soryu's shop from the outside appears.

"Do you like chips? Then come on down to Soryu's!"

A picture of Soryu's shop from the inside. There aren't very many chips in it.

"We didn't have anything you wanted the last time you visited?"

Yet another picture of Soryu's shop from the inside...but now it's crammed with chips.

"We dare you to say that after checking out our newly expanded inventory!"

A wide variety of chips scroll on by quickly: in rough order, there's FlameLine1, AquaNeedle1, ZapRing1, SideBamboo1, RollArrow1, Sword, Hammer, Ratton1, LilBomb, PanelReturn, BusterPunch, AreaGrab, Recover50, Barrier, Catcher, IceCube, MokoRush1, NumberBall1.

"We've got chips for every element, every type, chips for new NetBattlers, chips for old pros, chips for everyone!"

FireKnife, AquaKnife, ElecKnife, and BambooKnife appear for a moment, but are probably given the metaphorical boot by FireSword, AquaSword, ElecSword, and BambooSword.

"We even now have a wide array of Version 2 chips, for when the basics just aren't enough!"

There's a shot of the chip trader.

"And to celebrate all our new stock, we're holding another e-mail giveaway! Give us any one chip, and we'll run it through the Chip Trader for you!"

A MiniBomb is (somehow) placed in the trader without anyone holding it, and out pops an IcePunch.

"And best of all, you're guaranteed to not get something deplorable like a Recover10! It's an opportunity you won't want to waste!"

Finally, it goes back to outside Soryu's. After a moment, the shop's address and the giveaway e-mail address pop up.

"And remember it's all brought to you by Soryu's! Electopia's Chip Leader! Come shop today!"