We here at the News Server are happy to report that once again, Soryu's Chip Shop will be hosting a holiday giveaway! This is the notice we've just received.

Quote (Soryu)

The chip shop is thrilled to announce that we will be holding another chip trader giveaway! You just give one chip to the chip trader via this e-mail, and it yields a brand new chip for you! However, our BRAND NEW chip trader will be used, so there's some incentive to not just give up any old junk chip this time! Happy holidays, and remember to visit Soryu's for all of your chipĀ  needs!

- Your Friendly Neighborhood Soryu

We attempted to reach Soryu for further comment, but he only reiterated what was already said. Nevertheless, it seems like a good opportunity to obtain a good chip for your Navi!

EDIT: Here's the link mentioned for easy access: Chip Trader E-Mail