Greetings, citizens of the net,

Cloning navis: a lot easier than it sounds. Reconstructing a navi's data about their emblem is a relatively simple task compared to embedding that navi's unique abilities, personality, and character into another body for simultaneous functionality. One Mafia scientist is moving closer to making this dream a reality and, in a rare exclusive, World News Server has him live and on speaker. CloneMan, would you care to speak?

No time to waste. Technology is unimportant. Girls who stole the advice, the Neo-Shogun girls-!

Our translator is having a difficult time, its sounds like three navis are speaking. CloneMan, did you say girls from the Neo-Shogun Army stole your machine?

Girls, return the machine! You've made a terrible mistake. You cannot cross the Bloodhounds and get away with it! PantheonMan is going to hunt you and he will bring a jackout barrier with him. Return the item and you may mitigate his anger. Then hide, hide somewhere!

... We have lost him. Little information on the cloning machine was given, but we did receive intriguing new info. Some of the Neo-Shogun forces could be in grave danger from the NetMafia's Bloodhounds; specifically, the renowned fighter, PantheonMan. We will have more on the story as it develops. For now, let us wish for a peaceful resolution to this situation of theft and conflict.

For World News Server, this is Inky.EXE, signing off.