Greetings, citizens of the net,

An anonymous source has transferred me private information on a new and growing threat: the Blessers, an organization acting under the guise of public servants, is actually under the effects of some unknown influence, causing them to slowly lose their minds. The Blessers all take an oath of good, but those oaths are apparently being misconstrued and, in a few cases, leading to invasion of privacy or physical harm.

The Blessers are given unique abilities by their leader, allowing them to fulfill their goals. These include abilities unknown to other navis, as well as tremendous libraries of custom attacks. For the time being, World News Server advises citizens to keep their distance and report any suspicious activity you believe to be related. Below is a list of known Blessers:

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BlessMan (believed leader)

We believe the list is much longer, but a defect in the message eliminated the rest of the names. Please keep these names in mind and report any additional information to the World News Server or your policing organization.

For World News Server, this is Inky.EXE, signing off.