Greetings, citizens of the net,

The Mafia's face has changed a lot lately: from an unknown entity operating in shadows to a transparent body operating with diverse motives. Who could speculate as to their motives for entertaining operated navis in a play, then handing out toys afterwards? Misdirection, a change of heart, genuine madness? I was unable to get hold of any of those involved to ask. Instead, we have here for interview the manager of the Lawton Jr. Unoperated Navi Shelter who hopes to answer some of our questions.

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Inky: Good morning, Mr. Cranium.

Cranium: Sure.

Inky: it was a surprise to everyone when you allowed mafioso into your property to hold a performance. As I understand, you were a policeman deployed to help quell the Net War some time ago and saw significant combat against the Mafia.

Cranium: Yeah, and I'm not going to let that old animosity be a part of the intervore.

Inky: I see. So what is your take? What did the Mafia hope to gain?

Cranium: Drop the designation of Mafia, because what I saw up there had nothing to do with the guys that killed my partner during the Net War. Damn, there's the animosity... Anyways, Mafia is just a day job for some of these guys now. They finish up and go out with friends or whatever they want; not all their recruitment is guys being strongarmed. So my "take" is that they were here to entertain some unfortunate orphans, that's all.

Inky: Interesting. And what of the unknown navi seen with them? The "reader" in your play.

Cranium: A good guy with no Mafia ties. I saw him come in uncomfortable, sandwiched between one of the DimensionGirls from the NP and Holly, one of the Creel big wigs.

Inky: What a situation.

Cranium: Not sandwiched like that, God. Like caught between two intimidating factors. I'd say he made good of a bad situation. Everyone kept their guns holstered in the end.

Inky: Do you have any words for this boy?

Cranium: Yeah. For starters, thanks. But also, just know this: I would have looked too. That's all I'm saying.

Inky: Cryptic. Well, thank you for your time.

Cranium: My pleasure.

And there you have it: one war veteran convinced that you can't judge a book by its cover. Is the war still on? Is the factionation really nothing more than a lifestyle choice? Or can a dog simply change its spots? These are questions we'll all continue to think about as tensions between the NP and Mafia continue.

Thank you all for tuning in; this is Inky.EXE for World News Server signing out.