Greetings, citizens:

PhotoMan.EXE has been the "man behind the magic" for the Showbizz Foundation's high-rated events for quite some time. His abilities have been called "uncanny" by several of his peers. Recently, this noted photographer took some time off to pursue his life-long dream. Amazingly, this dream has developed overnight into a media sensation, as well as a generous bonus for PhotoMan himself. What's all the buzz about? "Gravure."

Gravure photography came out of Electopia quite some time ago. The idea behind gravure photography is to compose books or magazines of photographs, traditionally featuring idols or models. In this case, the models are mostly celebrities from around the net. The first issue featured NetPolice Prosecutions Officer Cuffs.EXE, NetMafia Bloodhounds Member FireYaku.EXE, a famous museum curator known as Armor.EXE, and Strum.EXE, lead guitarist for the all-female rock group, Lit Fusion. Additionally, a mysterious fifth actor was featured. Several sources have speculated as to her identity.

We managed to get in touch with PhotoMan for the inside story.

Quote ()

Inky: Thank you for meeting with me.

PhotoMan: It's a pleasure.

Inky: Gravure photography. It's not a difficult passion to imagine for a man with equipment such as yours.

PhotoMan: (Shifts, Remains Silent).

Inky: Tell me, PhotoMan: how did you manage to get so many notoriously unsociable navis strip down for your shoots? Armor is known for never removing her armor. Several navis would be scared to even approach FireYaku or Cuffs.

PhotoMan: I had help from a dear friend of mine, SplashLady.EXE. She organized many of these photos, offered professional advice, and remained with me throughout many of the shoots. She deserves a lot of credit.

Inky: Indeed. As for the identity of the fifth woman-

PhotoMan: I'd prefer not to reveal it.

Inky: Does the setting and wardrobe not perhaps fit the name of the navi you just offered? SplashLady.EXE? Some have speculated that she nearly matches the appearance of a navi by that name who participated in the Colosseum's latest tournament.

PhotoMan: (Shifts). She was very helpful.

Inky: And the actor, whose face is excluded from most of the photos?

PhotoMan: (Mechanical Noises). His identity will remain a secret for now.

Inky: I see. Some images have been circulating around the net from an unidentified source who some speculate to be a beach patrol officer. Those images seem to paint a different picture of this actor's involvement with SplashLady.EXE.

PhotoMan: Pictures are easy to fabricate. As you know if you saw the magazine, my gravure was very candid. I didn't hide the risque elements and I probably made a few parties cross with me. Some sources out there may wish to try to tarnish my new career.

Inky: So you're saying that the pictures of you straddling SplashLady are fake?

PhotoMan: Yes.

Inky: But you admit that you're the actor in the original photograph?

PhotoMan: No.

Inky: I apologize if I've offended you, PhotoMan. Thank you for your time.

PhotoMan: Showbizz will be happy for the additional publicity for my work.

There you have it. Could the identity of the mysterious woman be SplashLady.EXE? Is there more to their relationship than meets the eye? It's the sort of thing that a nosy reporter really wants to dig in further than she can.

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