Greetings, citizens:

This is News Server reporter, Inky.EXE. We all know about the Neo-Shogun Army, the rapidly growing imperialist faction looking to rival the NetPolice and NetMafia. Perhaps you've also heard of The Voice, an audio broadcast performed by VoiceMan.EXE. Doubtless you're also familiar with Showbizz.EXE, the event mogul who makes her money organizing game shows, events, sports, and all kinds of video broadcasts. What you may not have known is that recently, all three of these elements came together during the Showbizz Friendly Feud.

The Friendly Feud delighted the Showbizz fanbase with the usual array of explicit-but-not-adult content. The ratings shot up at the end, where Showbizz announced a deal contracted between herself and VoiceMan. The deal would trade Kindle.EXE and Capo.EXE, two of VoiceMan's staff, over to the Neo-ShogunArmy for a small period of time. The girls looked none too amused, but the audience was shocked and excited.

How has all of this worked out? I managed to get hold of one of the shogun's generals, a ninja by the name of Vee.EXE, to learn more about the situation.

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Inky: Thank you for your time, Vee. What's your take on the new recruits?

Vee: (Murmuring).

Inky: I couldn't quite hear that. Please repeat it into the microphone, if you would.

Vee: I don't see what we're supposed to do with them. One has no combat abilities nor relevant skills. The other has the combat abilities, but no motivation to help us. It's really a mess.

Inky: That's unfortunate. Several of the Showbizz viewers were curious: what happened to the strip tease that was supposed to follow the program? They had heard that Capo and Kindled were supposed to perform, stripping off their new uniforms.

Vee: The Shogun granted them a pardon, alleviating the two of that responsibility. For a period of time we were worried Showbizz was going to take action to counter that breach of contract, but she backed down. It was just a noble action from our Shogun. Hopefully it counteracts some of the bad public opinion about us.

Inky: I see. As I recall, you were recently involved in Showbizz programs. Considering how reluctant you were to do this interview, I'm surprised that you'd go in to those.

Vee: We're short-handed and Showbizz would only agree to use one of the officers at that point. That's why I ended up in that Generational Violence event.

Inky: And what about the- (pause)- Showbizz Slumber Party Fundraiser? Vee? Are you still here?

Unfortunately, the ninja disappeared while I was organizing my notes. My apologies, news readers, but I hope that the interview cleared up some of the lingering questions left after the latest Showbizz event.

News Server is your number one news source for all information regarding the latest factional developments, as well as all of your other news from around the net. This is Inky.EXE, signing off.