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This is News Server reporter, Inky.EXE. I've recently had a chance to conduct an exclusive interview with a navi known as Cabal.EXE, an officer of the NetPolice's Investigations Department. For those who could not catch it live, we're offering a transcript here outlining some of the most important segments, including her thoughts regarding the recent capture of the rogue officer, SoapMan, and the recent surge of faction employment.

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Inky: Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. I understand that you've been busy lately, between your daily work and your open-door policy for recruits.

Cabal: Not at all, actually. I'm locked away near the back with that open-door policy precisely because little is sent my way. Most of what I investigate these days I have to scrounge up myself, so my expectations are what you'd call "minimal."

Inky: I see. Why don't we start with the hot button issue right now: the recent reveal of the rogue NetPolice officer, SoapMan.EXE. There are those who say that without your public report of his misdemeanors, which include kidnapping and assault, that his crimes would have been kept out of the public eye.

Cabal: I was actually second whistle-blower, you know. If not for the outstanding efforts of another navi, entirely unassociated from the NP and whose name I will keep hidden for his own safety, SoapMan wouldn't have been exposed. Furthermore, he wouldn't have even been caught. My primary concern is squeezing the truth out of our organization, no matter how uncomfortable it may make some of our officers. SoapMan was a stooge for someone and I hope that while he's in custody, we'll manage to get a little closer to pegging the mastermind.

Inky: Bold words. And what of those who say that you've done a disservice to the NetPolice? There are some who believe that by revealing the navi's identity and crimes, you've demoralized the officers of the Public Safety Department, of which SoapMan was a part, and cast unnecessary inconvenience onto ordinary officers.

Cabal: The criminal had over two dozen navis held hostage in a secret chamber inside his own office. I'd say our Public Safety Department deserves a little embarrassment over this one, personally. (Laughs).

Inky: Perhaps. Let's move on to the next topic. Recently, a new recruit contacted you to learn more about the newly formed imperialist group, the increasingly well-known Neo-Shogun Army. She did so of her own volition and DimensionMan commended her publicly for that initiative. What's your reaction?

Cabal: I was pleased to meet another NetPolice officer outside of the Investigations department with a ticking brain! (Laughs). It's nice to see someone who's not just following the point and shoot mentality, especially amongst the new recruits. I'm making it my role to get my hands on as many of these inquisitive minds as I can before [criminals inside the Netpolice] get a chance to.

Inky: Can you tell us what you told her?

Cabal: I'd rather not. Ordinarily, I love flapping my lips, but seeing as I did not ask her consent to share that information, it would be unethical for me to do so.

Inky: I understand. One last observation: I happen to like that unique cloak you wear. I myself still regularly take notes and do my writing in ink, even though recording is such a simple matter. What are your reasons?

Cabal: I'd suppose my reasons are the same as yours: a sentimental affinity. I feel like when I write [my observations] down in my own handwriting, that helps to cement them in the truth that I see. I also enjoy coating my room in these used cloaks to observe my handiwork. It makes me feel accomplished.

Inky: That's a bit more of a grand reason than my own.

Cabal: (Laughs).

Several bold claims from the mouth of Officer Cabal. Even as she berates the negligence of the Public Safety Department, she offers praise for the new candidates brought in by the GNA-sponsored recruitment kiosk. Perhaps it's a bright day for Cabal, with old injustices coming to light and new potential on the horizon? Or perhaps she prefers it in the dark. I was asked prior to the interview to dim the studio's lights for her.

News Server is your number one news source for all information regarding the latest factional developments, as well as all of your other news from around the net. This is Inky.EXE, signing off.