Public concern has swept the internet this morning as our top story for today has circulated amongst the populace: Are viruses getting smarter? Presenting some chilling new evidence to support that theory, a navi by the name of "CrasherMan" stumbled upon what at first appeared to be more random devastation by what witnesses have said was a "trio of strange, blue-hat-taped Metools", but was in fact, something more.

Late last night, CrasherMan was in the middle of what he refers to as a "Bold, daring experiment by a brilliant and dedicated scientific mind", wherein Crasherman subdued a Canodumb virus, loaded himself into it, and then coerced it to fire in an attempt to see if he could "shoot [himself] out of a Canodumb!" Crasherman further went on to state that while the idea was "really cool" and a "total shoe-in for the Hikari Prize", it sadly backfired and the Canodumb did not survive the "historic event".

This series of events, however, lead to CrasherMan being propelled high into the virtual air over ACDC Network, whereupon he saw, stretched out beneath him, a gigantic metool! ...In panel form! Yes, the devastation caused by the trio of strange Metools is, in fact, a panel-art piece, created by said Metools, that portrays a Metool wielding a Swordy virus' sword and dressed with a long, billowing cape.

Although he tried repeatedly (Much to this reporter's chagrin) to reach a height sufficient enough to take a picture of the panel artwork, CrasherMan sadly failed to do so. NewsServer will keep you posted should CrasherMan manage to retrieve a shot of what Viral Researchers are now calling a "Panel Circle", but for now this is News Server, signing off.