Late Sunday night, the Netvegas Royale casino, in partnership with the Netvegas Grande, Pharoah's Tomb, Creamland Dessert, and Electric Utopia casinos, announced that they would collectively be holding a series of auctions for Netbattlers and normal citizens alike. The auctions run on a bi-weekly basis, and auction everything from battlechips to furniture to famous works of art.

With a huge variety in prices, bid increments, and selection, the Weekly Netvegas Auction promises to be a constant spectacle for all to see. For the sake of all Netbattlers out there who don't care about the more mundane items on offer, an online bidding topic has been set up on Soryu's Chip-Trading board. News Server reporters requested a comment from Soryu on how this came to be, and, while he was sitting in a silk-cushioned chair with the famous models Asla and Alsa Royez beside him, sipping a martini, he declined to comment. News Server will keep you posted should any further details arise.

Weekly Auction: Week 1