Good evening, and welcome to the World News Server. Our topic today: the upcoming Netpolice/Netmafia Dual Charity Function. The once bitter open rivalry of the NP and Mafia has recently moved to a status that is more open less yet bitter, almost an organized competition as opposed to a turf war. An event that may have once seemed impossible is about to occur as Creel Family representative Holly and a thus unknown NP operative will be coming together to co-host a charity function together.

When you think about the Mafia, charity may not be the first thing that comes to your mind. Holly is hoping to change all of that, promising that the event will be one to get everyone into the spirit of giving. One of our News Server representatives recently invited Holly to speak with us and give us a clearer view of the event to come:

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News Server: Welcome, Ms. Holly. First off, if you don't mind my asking, why is the Mafia interested in participating in something like this? For that matter, don't you find it somewhat incredible that this event is going to be co-hosted with NP participation?

Holly: I wouldn't have believed it years ago, but I feel like we've come a long way since the old days. The Mafia is mobilizing to be more of a force of the people and less of a self-interested group, I'd say. I don't speak for everyone, but I've wanted to have this kind of relationship with the people of the net for a long time.

News Server: Tell us a little bit about the event.

Holly: Well, our plan is to host a fantastic donation show that will get the attention of citizens across the net. We'll be asking people to send in chips that are still in working condition. All chips received will be donated to homes for unfortunate navis, and everyone who sends in a chip will be compensated through a combination of NP and Mafia efforts with a new one! It's a little treat for everyone from all of us, to remind you it's not all about fighting.

News Server: You don't think that the public will be turned off by the Mafia's endorsement? Historically, the Mafia has kept undercover due to the unpopularity of their... questionably legal deeds.

Holly: Like I said, I hope that our image has already changed... and that it'll continue to change a bit. I feel like the Mafia can be a voice of the people as well.

News Server: I see. News Server thanks you very much for time, ma'am.

Holly: It was my pleasure.

What are your thoughts, readers? Do you think the face of the Mafia has changed? Can the NP and Mafia cooperate on something requiring as much goodwill as a charity event? Please follow this link to discuss!