This just in...

Random power outages tear across the NetSquare. Hundreds of Navis reported being trapped for nearly an hour.

Once power was restored, a massive tower of unknown origin and properties was spotted near what has now been learned as the epicenter of these power fluctuations.

Our corespondent from SciLab has offered the possibility of a large scale invasive program, draining power the Net's mainframe, self-replicating itself into the new building in the center of the square.

"Such a program, once embedded, could theoretically allow any number of further disasters." he cautioned. "Even the possibility of viruses being able to breach the NetSquare's firewall is not out of the question, particularly since the firewall may have already failed, as detecting this invasive program is also one of it's priorities."

The NetPolice only issued a brief statement that they do not suspect NetMafia involvement, and at this time urge citizens to avoid the direct area until further information can be collected.