On tonight's special NewsServ report: sightings of a new type of entity, an amorphous creature reported in a variety of ways by witnesses around the Net. Up until now, these creatures were being referred to as "Program-Anomalies" or even "Cyber-Ghosts." Now, however, an official release from the NetPolice has given them an official report that offers new but limited insight on these strange creatures.

First, in a previously unconnected story, the NetNavi Twi.ADM, who was recently investigated by a large squad of Navis believed to be led by an anonymous detective, is not at this time being labeled an immediate threat to operators or their NetNavis. However, NetPolice have hinted that he is directly responsible for the creation of these new "Viral Anomalies," as the article will refer to the mysterious virus until a more appropriate classification surfaces.

These "Viral Anomalies" have been known to be hostile to Navis traveling through the Net for prolonged periods of time, and are indiscriminate in the times and types of Navis they will attack. They appear to be highly resistant to most traditional virus busting techniques. Their attack method is yet another variable, as no two witnesses seem to report the exact same patterns of aggression in two "Viral Anomalies."

The source of their power has been investigated by the NetPolice. They have revealed that it ties back to some power of the earlier mentioned .ADM host, but no further information has been released. In any case, very rare outcomes have been reported where, upon encountering the "Viral Anomaly," the Navi actually manages to break through the formidable defenses and reveal an unidentified "power source."

In the turn of events that may be most interesting to our more adventurous viewers, the NetPolice have offered to allow Navis to retain these "power sources." With the help of registration through the NetPolice and necessary applications to the PET, these "Virus Anomalies" can be converted to "Support Programs," a retooled version designed to the operator's specifications that obeys the operator and fights alongside the Navi. According to the NetPolice, the purpose behind allowing the Navis to keep these potentially unstable programs is the high success rate of conversion in the few cases that have been presented and the need to see what trends develop as the program's code evolves through continuous virus busting. Thus, any operator and Navi team that encounters one of these menaces of the Net is fully entitled to the spoils.

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