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Our service has returned just in time to share two exciting news stories! Only weeks ago, in Electown's net, the inconceivable occured: An explosion from a terrorist attack on St. Christina Hospital's Net hub rocked the pathways, causing mass confusion and chaos. Investigators arrived just in time to stop a battle that was taking place in front of the Hospital's site, but were too late to disarm the disguised explosives that were somehow taken into the building, probably by an outsider. Fortunately, most of the Navis caught in the blast were rescued, and restoration efforts are underway on the approximately 20 victims who were deleted. Several suspects have been apprehended, and are under questioning. The police expect to know the mastermind behind this heinous crime within days.

Hot on the heels of this story comes another shocker: The Cybeasts have emerged once more! Only two other times in the history of the Net have these menaces ever reared their heads: Once was a mere seven years ago. Our readers may remember the event: In the wake of Dr. Infernos' capture and subsequent unsolved murder, two new researchers emerged from his shadow, Dr. Wong and Dr. Masunaga. They, with their research, suggested that the Cybeasts were a natrual phenomenon-- created by bits of random data. In an even more bold claim, the two suggested that the Cybeasts might multiply into smaller, simpler forms, only to be reabsorbed by more powerful Beasts.

In an unexpected turn, several teams of civilian Navis dispatched to investigate anomalies in the Net came face to face with the Beasts themselves-- and then, to their even greater surprise, found that the Beasts splintered into many pieces when defeated. Whether the Beasts have been suppressed for good this time is still to be seen.

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