Report released by the NetPolice as of yesterday:

"After much toil from the Netpolice, researching and even travelling to the depths of the Undernet, we are proud to bring you clear photographic proof of the existence of various viruses found both now and in the history of the Net.

This list is to become the official naming resource on viruses around the Net: before you find the virus, check the list to find out what you're going to be looking at! Being prepared and knowing your enemy is half the battle.

Note that in light of V.A.B.C.A.'s recent inactivity, we have been unable to contact them for research on viruses under their jurisdiction of classification from seven years ago. Familiarize yourself with their names, provided at the end of each report, all the same.

Note that this comprehensive list also carries the names of viruses not seen by many Netbettlers for decades: this is merely for classification purposes.

We hope that the public will use this information to improve their busting capabilities and think the NewsServer for their cooperation in this matter."