We interrupt your scheduled programming to bring you this special News Bulliten!

Reports of strange net anomalies throughout the net has prompted the NetPolice to issue a public safety warning.

"Portions of the net are suffering for dangerously low processing speeds and Navi reaction times." explained a NetPolice representative, "And we're not sure of the cause it. In the meantime, we strongly advice that all non-government Navis stay out of the Electown, Yumland, Sharo, and Netfrica Nets."

This startling revelation is compounded by last months reports of new, ferocious breeds of viruses appearing in those listed net areas. NetPolice refuse to comment on whether these two events are related, but a SciLab scientist who wished to remain anonymous claims otherwise.

"The data points to an obvious and forgone conclusion. We've seen things like this before, but the Police refuse to acknowledge the facts." the tech claimed.

When pressed for further comment, the NetPolice only issued a statement revealing that a comprehensive investigation will take place. The method of this investigation is unknown, but mercenary help has not been ruled out.

Stay tuned for further information regarding this story...