Introducing--the New NetSquare!

In the light of the recent Rogue attacks, the NetPolice and various governments of the world have agreed to unify the Net against future outbreaks. Thus, after months of toil and hard work, they have announced:

A brand new NetSquare system, linking every major Network together!

Every Network now has a portal that links directly to the NetSquare located in Internet City, which now serves as a hub for NetSociety today.

A few Navis have already begun to explore the possibilities, but in celebration there will be a grand unveiling of the system and explanation of how it works.

So if you have the time, check the new NetSquare out!

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FLASH UPDATE: This just in! The hosts of the NetSquare Unveiling have announced that there will be punch and pie, as well as Souvenirs for the 1st 100 Navis to arrive!