Operating Area: Conspirator's House

--7:40 AM--

Moving at tremendous speed, a fire truck raced across the abandoned highway, driven by Mike Almaga. With the other park survivors in tow, Mike realized that he couldn't afford to move slowly, as the occasional shibito emerged from a window or doorway to look at them, or turned its head as it ambled across the streets. Their minds were assaulted by constant flashes of extraordinary perception, seeing their own truck moving through the eyes of others. The stress of the group was elevating out of control and combined with Mike's already devastating arm wound posed a significant threat to the stability of his driving.

The climax of tension occurred when, as they flew across the highway, the survivors heard a sickening thump. The entirety of the front windshield was covered by the splatter of a corpse that had somehow been collided with as it traveled mid-air. The face was pressed up against the glass, displaying the familiar bleeding, sightless eyes. Strange shimmers like the wings of an insect flashed all around the windshield. Mike screamed like he was going mad, desperately swerving the truck to try to throw off the corpse. That was when the truck crashed into a wall of concrete, throwing the survivors around inside the cab.

Those who could manage climbed from the cab, then fell unconscious upon the street.

--8:00 AM--

Alistair Lorcain barely managed to escape the Ellington Arms motel alive, the only survivor to emerge from the scummy motel and its undead inhabitants. Using a bit of ingenuity, he'd managed to survive the walk from the motel, though he had no idea where he was heading. All he had to go by was the sound of a fire-truck's alarm in the distance, and that didn't seem to inviting a prospect either after the tremendous crash he'd heard.

As he reached the fire truck, Alistair quickly noticed three bodies lying upon the ground. Before he had time to decide whether he'd stumbled upon zombies or not, one began to come conscious. The lack of bleeding eyes helped him to confirm that they were not harmful... But he heard the sound of something that was.

"Joooohnn-ee-ee-eee-eeeee," came a voice from somewhere down the street. The voice had a horrible high pitch and a strange buzz, like someone talking through a bad intercom system. Worst of all, the voice was not coming from "down the street" exactly... but rather from the air. "Joooohnn-ee-ee-eee-eeee... Didja find the giiiiiirl?"

Similar voices seemed to be humming all around. The wreckage was apparently attracting whatever the buzzing things were. Regardless, the street was beginning to seem decidedly unsafe. A faint glow was coming from an old church building, but that appeared to be the only place to run to.

The three truck survivors noticed that Mike was missing. A dull darkness seemed to emanate from the wreckage, lacking a pulse... With a bit of thought, the only conclusion was that they were seeing through Mike's now unseeing eyes. Mike was dead. The three survivors and Alistair all knew that staying nearby his corpse for too long could be dangerous, due to their past experiences...


Objective: Find a way to neutralize the Fly Shibito threat.

DIRECTIONS: All survivors are currently on the street outside the churchyard gates. To the left and right are continuations of the street that the fire truck arrived on. Behind is a high concrete uprising, at the top of which appears to be another street; it would be impossible to climb, however. Nearby is the fire truck, which crashed into the concrete uprising and now appears inoperable, covered in debris. To the front is a steel gate, leading into a church.

All players are together. No player is detected by shibito.

Alistair Charlie Lorcain: 10/10 Vitality
Sarah Taylor: 10/10 Vitality
Michael Barre: 10/10 Vitality
Ixbalanque: 10/10 Vitality

The 4 players detect each other and four people nearby, all identified:
Mike (Dead) @ Fire Truck
Fly Shibito with shades @ road to the right: 10/10 Vitality
Fly Shibito with brown duster @ road to the left: 10/10 Vitality
Fly Shibito with black jacket @ church courtyard: 10/10 Vitality
"This is getting seriously screwed up." Alistair muttered as he wandered down an alley, his free hand pressed against the wall to keep himself from falling.

He paused for a moment to catch his breath, glancing back behind him to make sure that none of the bloody-eyed lunatics were following him. He thought he had lost them back at the motel, but he wasn't about to take any chances, especially not now that he was alone. A sudden thought caused his gorge to rise and he spat to rid his mouth from the sour taste of bile. He was just a thirty-something fiction writer. He wasn't cut out for this horror story bullshit.

He had somehow escaped from the motel, fighting his way past the crazed janitor and his boss. He had found a partner in the motel, another human being caught up in whatever craziness that had invaded the island. However, when he had reached the exit, he found that his partner was no where to be found. The loons were coming for him. He couldn't stay and wait. He had abandoned his new companion to whatever fate had in store for him. Alistair fought down the urge to vomit and continued moving through the alley.

It was while moving through the town, doing his best to avoid detection by its crazed inhabitants, that he heard the crash. Something large had smashed head on into something larger. He didn't really want to investigate, but he couldn't stand the thought of leaving another normal person to die. He moved toward the sound, now hearing a siren he thought might be from a fire truck. He tightened his grip on the coffee pot in his left hand, his meager defense against the Loons and their madness.

Alistair wandered onto the scene of the crash. Three bodies lay on the ground near a crashed fire truck. He didn't know if they were dead or alive, or even if they were still "normal". However, to Alistair's mind they were a young boy, a teenage girl and a young man. He had to help them.

"Johnny..." the voice was high pitched and distorted. "Johnny, did you find the girl?"

The words were strangely elongated and the sound was warped. The voice didn't sound like it came from a human. Alistair paused and glanced around the area. He couldn't really see where the voice was coming from, but it was somewhere above him. In the air. And more buzzing sounds were joining in.

"What the fu-" Alistair cut himself off, not wanting to draw the attention of the creatures.

One of the people near the truck began to stir and Alistair immediately held up a hand to stop the person from speaking aloud. He glanced around, searching for a means of escape. There was what looked to be a church near the crash site, or he could move up the street or back the way he had come. The people on the ground could be injured. He doubted they could run very far.

"The church it is..." Alistair whispered to himself.

He glanced around the crash site, looking for anything that would be of use to him.

[Silently warn survivors about whatever was making noise]
[Spot check for anything of use, priority on weapons]
"Ugh, why did we let him drive?" he groaned, his face still pressed against the ground.

Michael's immediate reaction to waking up--aside from a regretful and barely audible utterance-- was to slowly raise his head off the ground. Before he could do anything, a hand motioned for him to remain quiet. That was fine with him. The newcomer appeared to be somewhat reliable at first glance, considering that he was still alive. Michael decided to let him deal with whatever called for silence and worry about himself for the moment.

Planting his palms flat on the hard ground, Michael pushed himself up a bit. Save for a few small pains as the bones in his arms cracked, he felt fine. Practically a miracle after that crash, he thought, scanning his arms for damage. The only noticeable signs were the scratches that now riddled his jacket. Even rattier than before, he thought, smiling despite all that had happened. He pushed himself up a bit more and felt something under his body. Reaching his right arm down, Michael pulled out the fire axe he'd picked up before. ...I must have dragged it out when we tried to escape the truck. Thank you, subconscious.

Firmly grasping the axe's handle, Michael rolled to his knees in a movement not unlike the one after his last rude awakening. He looked around, finding two of his old comrades lying unconscious nearby and the newcomer standing near him. The big guy was...

Well, better not to dwell on it now, he thought sadly.

The man seemed preoccupied with looking around, so Michael left him to it and focused on helping his companions. He crept over to the hoodie girl and lightly shook her. "Come on, get up," he ordered quietly.

His attempt at rousing the group was interrupted by the buzzing of what were inevitably not creatures Micheal wished to meet. Alright, where are we running? he asked himself. His eyes fell upon the faintly lit church, which either contained temporary shelter or more monstrosities. Regardless, it was more defensible than their current location. He repeated his previous order and actions to the young boy and then crept back to where the newcomer stood. The man whispered something Michael couldn't hear as he approached.

Michael made his presence known to the man before nodding at the church. "That way?" he grunted quietly before turning to check on the others again.

(Spot check for anything useful in area)
It had been a dreamless sleep, largely due to the fact that it was less a rest than the after-effects of trauma causing her to collapse.

She hadn't been out too long when she found herself shaken awake. After a quiet gasp, she heard him speak to her, and though she'd initially been very confused and alarmed, recognition calmed her quite a bit.

She got up onto hands and knees, and then repositioned herself onto just her knees. "Other then a bit of bumping and bruising, I feel fine," she thought. Her hands crossed, and then to her stomach, then her pockets, and then crossed again. She found her wound still nicely covered and healing, and she still had her phone on her.

Looking around quickly revealed that, in addition to the boy with the Bomber Jacket who'd woken her up, the kid she'd saved earlier was also nearby. Looking around revealed another figure in a jacket, relieving her, but only momentarily. Something seemed off. Peering through the fog revealed that this man was built and dressed differently. He was holding a coffee pot, looked much older, and was wearing all black with another Bomber Jacket.

So he was a different person than the big guy who had been with them earlier. A small amount of thinking, as well as another half present vision, revealed that the man she had been thinking of was dead.

She'd never even known his name. His life had ended, just like that. It dealt her a fairly serious blow. The shocking reminder of her own mortality, as well as the realization that someone who'd been there just moments earlier was now gone, both weren't happy thoughts.

She felt her eyes well up with tears, but caught herself before she began to sob. "I have to remain positive. In the Big Guy's memory, and for the others." She rubbed her eyes under her glasses, and stood up.

She knew they could make it; she had to believe that. She steeled herself for the upcoming run, and walked over to the other two men.

Normally in this setting she may have been somewhat intimidated by the man, at least inwardly. Between all the terrible things that had happened, the fact that he was a stranger, and the fact that carrying a coffee pot around like a weapon didn't say much for his sanity, Sarah had plenty to be worried about. However the presence of others she was somewhat more familiar with made her more comfortable.

When she got closer, it was apparent that the man was indeed substantially older than any of them: most likely in his thirties or so. He also had a die with more than 6 sides on a necklace. Although it did look pretty stylish, it said one thing to her. "He's a nerd, then." She found the thought comforting.

The die reminded her of a world where nerds existed, where cool people existed, and where people didn't bleed from their eyes or fly. A world she'd been in last night, but found herself separated from today.

She didn't say anything when she got there. She simply looked at the two she was standing with, and then checked back on the kid, who seemed to be slower to wake up than she was.

She saw that the church looked like a safe bet, and since that was what Bomber Jacket suggested to the Older Nerd, she figured she didn't need to suggest anything else. She nodded when she heard, though.

While waiting, she quickly updated her diary. It wasn't fair to leave her audience waiting, thinking she'd died. Besides, the diary was important for her. It gave her something to vent to, since she hadn't yet spoken to any of the others at any sort of length. She didn't even know any of their names.

The dairy gave her a link to her old life, a way to feel better about the chance that she could die, something to focus on, and something to vent to. Though it seemed trivial, she felt compelled to keep it up.

She looked back up to the others, snapped the phone closed quietly, and pocketed it. She found herself crossing her arms again, and shaking. She'd probably been shaking since she first got up. Though it was more likely from shock, she attributed it to the cold, and the creepy air and fog that surrounded them. "So glad I wore this sweatshirt," she thought, with a shiver.
"Joooohnn-ee-ee-eee-eeee... Didja find the giiiiiirl?" Now, that was a creepy way to wake himself up. Quietly curling up into a kneeling position, he realized that he was already out of the truck, whether he liked it or not. First, a headcount of survivors. The little boy's eyes roved to mentally count, and realized that they weren't missing a person...

Until he saw the ridiculous coffee pot, that is.

There were also no signs of injury on the man. That meant that they were two different persons. So that would mean the earlier guy was probably dead, and was lying about somewhere ready to join the undead. Ixbalanque kept himself down, and crept his way towards the girl with the hoodie. When he was finally next to her, he stood to his full height, which wasn't very tall at all.

Seeing that almost everyone was alright, he gave no further thought to the craziness happening all around him and focused on survival.

Ixbalanque looked for weapons.

(Spot check: WEPON/items)
The survivors quickly gathered themselves up as orderly as they could, then scanned the area for anything of use, knowing that keeping oneself armed in such a situation was critical to success. Ixbalanque noticed a heavy mailbox head, which seemed a bit too unwieldy to use as a weapon. He also noticed, however, that the truck's fire hose was still accessible from their position. Alistair and Michael each noticed these things as well, but also saw a small iron signboard on a wooden post, reading "NO SOLICITORS." It seemed to have been uprooted from the ground and might make for some handy self-defense.

Meanwhile, the predators above scouted the ground, struggling to see through the mist enveloping the area. The mist and the small size combined made detecting Ixbalanque or Sarah extremely difficult, but Michael and Alistair would have a somewhat more difficult time evading their hunters' gazes. For the most part, the flying zombies were unlucky, but one managed to make out the figure of Alistair. "Hee-eee-eeeee!" it cried out joyfully, starting to fly after the unfortunate novelist.

Another shrill cry rang out nearby as a second pair of bleeding eyes homed in. A strange buzzing sound came from this one's throat, but no words, as it began fluttering its insect wings to descend towards Alistair. Tensions ran hot as the two men came slowly downward, their hideous, wing-like protrusions now visible splitting open their bleeding skulls. "Hey guuuuys, ya find somethee-eee-eeeee?!" came a rough but high voice from the left side of the street. The others didn't answer, however.

The survivors could now see that the shibito all had teenage bodies and clutched baseball bats in their hands. One had shades, thankfully covering his disfigured eyes, but failing to hide the wings that sprouted from their sockets. The other was wearing a black, leather bike jacket with shabby looking denim jeans. Before he transformed, he was probably trying to look dangerous, but now he had the genuine effect.


Objective: Find a way to neutralize the Fly Shibito threat.

DIRECTIONS: All survivors are currently on the street outside the churchyard gates. To the left and right are continuations of the street that the fire truck arrived on. Behind is a high concrete uprising, at the top of which appears to be another street; it would be impossible to climb, however. Nearby is the fire truck, which crashed into the concrete uprising and now appears inoperable, covered in debris. To the front is a steel gate, leading into a church.

All players are together. Alistair is detected by the fly shibito with shades and the one with the black jacket.

Alistair Charlie Lorcain: 10/10 Vitality
Sarah Taylor: 10/10 Vitality
Michael Barre: 10/10 Vitality
Ixbalanque: 10/10 Vitality

The 4 players detect each other and four people nearby, all identified:
Mike (Dead) @ Fire Truck
Fly Shibito with shades @ road to the right: 10/10 Vitality
Fly Shibito with brown duster @ road to the left: 10/10 Vitality
Fly Shibito with black jacket @ church courtyard: 10/10 Vitality
"That way?" asked the young man after he had pushed himself to his feet.

"Yeah," Alistair whispered back, nodding in affirmation. "Seems like out best bet. At least in there we won't be surrounded by whatever the hell is making that noise."

Alistair gazed around the crash site, looking for anything useful. He noticed the kid had an axe and silently wished he had one of his own instead of the coffee pot. He scanned his immediate area, searching for anything that may be of some use. His gaze fell on a wooden sign post that had been uprooted from the ground. An iron board was attached to the post, reading "No Solicitors" in bright lettering. Alistair considered the post and considered the coffee pot. It was no contest.

"Hee-eee-eeeee!" shouted the buzzing voice, followed quickly by an answering cry from somewhere near the church.

Alistair looked up and saw one of the most grotesque creatures he had every seen. Flying through the air was what was once a teenage boy, his head split open and seeping blood. A mass bulged within its skull and Alistair gazed in horror at a pair of gossamer wings sprouting from the creature's brains that kept it aloft. A second pair of wings emerged from what was once the boy's eyes. The baseball bat clutched in the creature's hands seemed incredibly insignificant compared to its visage. And what's worse...It and its companion were heading straight toward Alistair.

"Shit," the author whispered to himself.

The sign post was looking better and better. Alistair glanced around him, hearing what was no doubt a third of the creatures shout from off to his left. If they waited where they were, the third would soon catch sight of them.

"Shit, shit, shit..."

Alistair made up his mind and hurled the coffee pot as hard as he could toward the left. With luck it would sail over the creature and shatter against the street, drawing its attention away from them. Then he scrambled to pick up the sign post in both hands and made a mad break toward the dubious safety of the church. He ducked low, trying to avoid the flyboy hovering over the church's courtyard as he ran. He hoped to whatever god that would listen that he could reach the church before the teenage monstrosity reached him.

[Hurl coffee pot to the left to distract third shibito]
[Pick up and equip sign post]
[Run like hell to courtyard]
The new guy was in agreement, then. A run for the church was ideal. Michael sized the man up quickly, wondering whether he'd be of use in combat. Michael hadn't noticed before, but the man also seemed to be wielding a coffee pot. Weapons weren't exactly plentiful, but that was kind of excessive. Well, you use what you can find, Michael reasoned. But I've got more important things to worry about than eccentric weapons. He turned to the hoodie girl and the kid. They were up. Good.

Just about time to be getting out of here, Michael thought. He took a quick glance at the fire truck, lamenting that its high power hose wasn't very portable. Then again, he'd probably be pushing his luck trying the thing again. He steeled himself for what would probably turn into a full-on physical fight as two of the buzzing zombie things noticed one of them and started to approach. So much for any chance of a surprise attack. Michael didn't know who they were going for, but the church would afford them cover from aerial attacks. I hope.

Then the man made a move to--from Michael's perspective--either attract or distract the third adversary. Michael prayed for the latter as the man charged for the signpost he'd noticed before and took off towards the church. "Here we go again," he uttered determinedly, gripping his axe with both hands. "Come on!" Michael urged to the hoodie girl and the boy as he started to run. He was fairly sure they had enough common sense to follow, but in any case Michael and the new guy were probably higher priority targets.

With that in mind, Michael paid careful attention to the new freaks of nature chasing after them. He wanted to reach the church unimpeded, but at this rate the axe might finally see some use.

And Michael was ready to use it.

(Follow Alistair into church courtyard)
(Spot check church courtyard)
Sarah stood fairly casually as the kid approached and everyone seemed assembled. However their cheery gathering wasn't to last for long.

Within moments it appeared that they'd been spotted. Or, she could only assume they'd been spotted. The things were zooming in. Some of them were, at least. One had luckily seemed out of the loop.

As they got closer, Sarah discovered that they were about as hideous as she'd guessed. They had wings, as she had assumed, but they weren't where she'd guessed they would be. The startling discovery that there were wings coming from their eyes and exposed brains almost made her gag.

She was incredibly glad that the creepy thing she could now make out had glasses on preventing her from seeing exactly how the eye wings worked.

"If only I didn't have glasses. Then I wouldn't be able to see this gross stuff," she mused morbidly. Of course, without her glasses she'd be fairly out of luck. Without serious help, she'd probably not have to worry about anything for long. She'd probably die. Or become one of them.

As she thought these things, the new Nerd chucked his coffee pot down the street, which Sarah wasn't very excited about. It would no doubt bring that last thing to them in a matter of moments.

Of course, the others realized this and were dealing with it. After picking up a sign post, the Nerd had dashed, and now Bomber Jacket was following him.

Sarah was very happy to see that he was apparently watching out for them, as he instructed them to run with him. She didn't need the instruction, but it was the thought that counted.

She nodded and took off in a low to the ground sprint. She figured the lower she made herself, the less likely the flying things would see or catch her. Leaning forward and down helped.

Running about as quickly as her legs would carry her, she attempted to dart by the incoming enemies without getting noticed, and into the Church's courtyard.

"With any luck, we could get through this without any fighting." The thought helped. It was possible, if everyone could keep up pace.

Sarah didn't stop running, but after checking over her shoulder to see if the kid was following, and making sure the two men were ok, she found herself looking around her for anything important.

Running was one thing, but there was no need to run blind. If she spotted anything of use while running, she figured it could only give her an advantage in her struggle.

[Run to Courtyard]
[Spot check for general surrounding stuff]
Much to Ixbalanque's dismay, none of which he spotted was friendly to his tiny frame. When the screeches and cries came closer, the kid risked a look at the new species of monstrosity travelling towards their direction.

And he was the slowest in the group.

Giving up the idea of salvaging a useful handheld weapon, he noticed briefly that the impromptu comrades had already decided on a destination. Figuring that it was better off for his own safety, he complied with the majority's opinions and dived for the church courtyard, laying low much like the hoodie girl in front of him did.

... Though if one looked closer, the kid seemed to be having more fun than fear out of the whole ordeal. A hand reaching into his jacket pocket as he ran, he readied a glass shard to be thrown at anything that may be chasing after them.

[Run to church courtyard]
[Readies: Glass Shard for throwing if necessary]
((Alistair lost Coffee Pot. Alistair acquired and equipped the Sign Post, average blunt weapon.))

Alistair's coffee pot gambit worked, to the delight of all. The shibito stupidly flied over to investigate it. "Heeeeeeee-eee-eeeee! I found the shitheads!" came the zombie's shrill voice. The others seemed to be ignoring him, however, and the other one who'd been following Alistair continued doing so. Still, the shibito were keeping very much in motion and scouting the area. The air filled with excited shrieking as two discovered Michael. Piling on problems, the one dressed in the shabby brown duster seemed to have found Alistair. "Holy shit, there heeee-eee-eeee!" it said in an even higher voice than the other two, beginning its slow descent.

Before Alistair had time to celebrate losing the one with the black jacket, the shades-wearing shibito was upon him. "Gotcha now, biiiiii-eee-eeeeetch!" the thing cackled, raising its bat up in a threatening way. It hadn't gotten between him and the door yet, thankfully, so he might still be able to make a break for it. Alternatively, the thing did seemingly call him a bitch, so he may want retribution. Michael saw that Alistair was temporarily holding the creature's attention, but it would be pretty shameless to just leave him with it.

As they ran into the courtyard together, Sarah and Michael took the time to look around. A nearby glint revealed a water pitcher to both of them, but would that be useful at this point? After investigating a little more, Sarah noticed some things that Michael missed: some shrubbery that they might be able to hide in, a discarded baseball bat, and a heavy iron chain that seemed to have been cut, perhaps holding a bike to a tree at some point, although it looked a little too heavy to be used for that.

The door to the house was almost within reach, if they could only get just a little further!


Objective: Find a way to neutralize the Fly Shibito threat.

DIRECTIONS: All survivors are currently in the courtyard. Ahead is the door intot he lobby of the church. Behind is a steel gate, leading out to the street.

All players are together. Alistair is detected by the fly shibito with shades and the one with the brown duster. Michael is detected by the one with the shades and the one with the black jacket. Alistair is engaged with the shades-wearing shibito!

Alistair Charlie Lorcain: 10/10 Vitality
Sarah Taylor: 10/10 Vitality
Michael Barre: 10/10 Vitality
Ixbalanque: 10/10 Vitality

The 4 players detect each other and three people nearby, all identified:
Fly Shibito with shades @ church courtyard: 10/10 Vitality
Fly Shibito with brown duster @ road to the left: 10/10 Vitality
Fly Shibito with black jacket @ church courtyard: 10/10 Vitality
Sarah's plan had worked, for her at least. She made it to the yard with plenty of time to spare. Sadly her friends weren't all as lucky. A glance over her shoulder revealed to her that one of the freaks had gotten in front of the new guy.

She wasn't the closest to him, and she didn't think a fight was to be expected anyway. As a group, their goal had been to get into the Church. So her goal was to facilitate that in anyway possible. "I'm ahead, so if I can get to the door and hold it open for everyone, that should be enough."

She continued running, then, to the door. On her way by she picked up a bat she'd spotted, since she imagined it may prove useful at some point. She didn't stop as she picked it up. She continued running, close to the ground, reached out, and snatched it.

In a matter of moments she'd made it to the door. She skidded to a halt and grabbed the handle, and shoved the door open inwards. She managed to shove only one of the doors inwards, which would make it easier for her to slam it shut after the others had gotten in.

Since the door opened inwards, to close it after the others she had to head inside, so she did. Once inside, she glanced around quickly to see if there was anything of importance inside. Once she'd finished that, Sarah grabbed onto the door and began watching for her allies.

"With some luck, they should all make it in here fine," she thought. The only thing that worried her was that they wouldn't see her. Of course, she only worried about this briefly, as the others all had the same goal as her: getting into the Church.

[Grab Bat]
[Run into church]
[SPOT CHECK for important things]
"God damn it," Alistair muttered as the bug eyed loon with shades headed straight for him.

His distraction with the coffee pot had worked, much to his surprise, but it didn't do squat to help him avoid the flying teenager who had already spotted him. Another of the lunatics had moved into the church courtyard as well, this one moving toward the kid with the ax. Alistair wasn't exactly sure what he should do in a situation like this, but he didn't like any of the options he had come up with.

"Gotcha now, biiiiiiiiii-eeeee-eeeeetch," the loon said.

"Bitch?" Alistair said, slightly incredulous.

No. He was in no position to fight despite the crazy freak's insults. He had to run. He had to find a place more defensible than an open courtyard. He had to find a weapon better than a freakin' signpost.

Alistair saw the girl dash ahead of him, moving toward the church door. She opened the door and ran into the church. She looked like she was prepared the slam the door shut at any moment. Alistair just hoped that he would be inside the building when she did so.

Alistair shouldered his signpost as the bat wielding Loon came for him. He ducked low, positioning the sign so that it covered most of his back. With luck, the metal sign would act like a shield against the teenager's baseball bat. Alistair ran for the church door, head down and eyes scanning for anything that would trip him up. He desperately wanted to reach the door, and the dubious safety of the church, before the Loon caught back up to him.

[Hold signpost like a shield to protect him]
[Make sure he doesn't trip!]
[Run like hell for church door!]
Seeing that Ix had once again breezed through the moth-people things undetected, he risked a pause to look at the situation now. The boy wasted no time in deciding what he wanted to do next. While he could perfectly run away and ignoring the woes of others, he figured that it might be better to actually make everyone he could see stay as alive as possible.

And at that thought, he burst into action.

His eyes were on the new guy, who was having troubles with a flying corpse with shades. Seeing that he was already beginning his trot/run towards the church, he waited for the shibito to get into range before flinging a glass shard full force at the shades-wearing thing. The kid's aims were really to try and disable the target from giving chase, though he wouldn't be too optimistic about it, given the recent drastic changes in the environment.

Then, quick as lightning (in his opinion), he dashed towards the welcoming church doors. The silverhead did a mental headcount and inventory count, figuring if he should be looking for more things that he could use as weapons.

Naw, that could wait, he thought to himself, just focusing on his important legwork that would determine his survival right this moment.

[Attack/Throw: Glass Shard 1x]
[Get into the church]
When Michael saw one of the flying things heading straight for the new guy, he started towards the man with the intention to get the drop on the creature. That plan persisted until the man decided to use his weapon defensively and take off for the church, which the girl had just entered. As much as Michael wanted to smash one of these things with an axe after all they'd been put through, he figured it would be better to follow suit.

Before he took off, he made sure the younger boy was still en route to the church. That concern was addressed when the boy dashed past him brandishing shards of glass. Alright, time to get the hell out of here, Michael thought. Releasing his two-handed grip on the fire axe, he instead held it low in his right hand and began to sprint after the others towards the church. While he was running, he briefly considered turning his head to check on the flying things, but their vulgar cries were more than enough to keep him focused on the welcoming church door.

Hopefully the others would be generous enough to point out whether I'm about to be bashed across the head with a bat, Michael noted as he neared the door. He didn't slow down until he reached the door and charged through it, at which point he put on the brakes to avoid running into anything. On his way in he'd noticed that the girl had her hand on the door, so Michael forgot about that for the moment and glanced around, breathing heavily as he made sure everyone made it inside.

[Run for church door]
[Spot check new area]
((Sarah picked up Baseball Bat, an average, blunt weapon, and put it in the inventory))

Although he managed to escape, Alistair was not at all without injury. Cackling madly, the flying, zombie-like creature swung his bat and cracked him hard in the shoulder, moving past the sign to hit an undefended area. Pain shot through Alistair's body, but he managed to get inside as Sarah held the door open for him. Ix threw some more glass at the enemies, but it wasn't a terribly effective weapon against them.

Michael came in as well; with that, all four of the survivors were secure. While they might have been preparing to hold the door closed hard behind them, the creatures surprisingly seemed to have given up their chase and were now simply beating their bodies against the door. It reminded the group of the actions of moths, fluttering against a glass pane. They weren't ramming the door hard enough to break through it, rather, just dumbly trying to progress and then bouncing off.

New objective added...

Inside the church was not nearly how they'd likely imagined it would be from the outside. It seemed some renovations had been taking place such that the area barely even resembled a church any more. The walls had a jarring, robin's egg blue paint coating them (almost fresh looking). Moreover, the chapel area seemed to have collapsed in on itself, which made it apparent that proceeding into the center of the church wasn't going to happen. The only options were heading into the bathrooms or exploring the side hallways.

As the terror subsided, Michael and Sarah made an effort to find anything of use around the room. They each spotted a wooden desk, enclosing three sides, which would be ideal for hiding under if the creatures were patrolling due to its ample crawlspace. A pair of black dress shoes was set over in the corner, along with a paint roller and a small lamp. The shoes were covered in dust, but the others looked like they may have seen recent use. A red ink pen sat on the desk, although there was no paper in sight. The two also made note of some very strange Christmas lights strung all around the floor of the area... they seemed out of season, for sure, but they were also giving off a mysterious, dull blue light.

Those assembled in the church, at the last second, sensed the presence of two figures up ahead, one in each hallway. It was impossible to tell whether or not they were hostile.


Objective: Explore the church.

DIRECTIONS: All survivors are currently in the church's reception room. Two branching hallways lie ahead, one to the right and another to the left. Behind is the door leading outside of the church.

All players are together. Alistair is detected by the fly shibito with shades and the one with the brown duster. Michael is detected by all three fly shibito. Ixbalanque is detected by the fly shibito with shades and the one with the brown duster.

Alistair Charlie Lorcain: 6/10 Vitality
Sarah Taylor: 10/10 Vitality
Michael Barre: 10/10 Vitality
Ixbalanque: 10/10 Vitality

The 4 players detect each other, two unidentified figures ahead, and three identified enemies nearby:
Fly Shibito with shades @ church courtyard: 10/10 Vitality
Fly Shibito with brown duster @ church courtyard: 10/10 Vitality
Fly Shibito with black jacket @ church courtyard: 10/10 Vitality
??? @ right hallway
??? @ left hallway
Alistair stepped into the center of the room, setting his sign post onto the floor and leaning heavily against it. His back was on fire, waves of pain radiating from his injured shoulder. He had hoped to avoid the disturbing creature's attack by using the metal sign as a shield, but the bug eyed monster had managed to smash its bat against Alistair's exposed shoulder. He tested his shoulder, rotating his arm slowly in its socket. He winced at the pain, but he didn't think anything was broken.

"That was close," he muttered to no one in particular.

He glanced around the room, looking for anything that could be useful. The sign post was too heavy and unwieldy to be used as a proper weapon. It would work in a pinch and was infinitely better than the coffee pot, but he needed to find something better if he hoped to survive.

The inside of the church was not what he had expected. The reception room seemed to be freshly painted. The robin's egg blue was an odd choice and was made odder by the shadows cast by the strange lights scattered along the floor. The chapel itself had collapsed in on itself, leaving only a pair of hallways leading away from the room and what looked to be the entrance to some bathrooms.

"May as well explore a bit, eh?" Alistair asked.

He hefted his weapon onto his uninjured shoulder and attempted to move silently toward the men's restroom. As he neared the door, he leaned forward to press his ear against it. He was hesitant to enter the room unprepared and listened for signs of anyone hiding within the room.

[Look around for anything better than the sign post]
[Try to move silently toward men's bathroom]
[Listen at door]
"Tell me about it," Michael grumbled in response to Alistair as he caught his breath. He thought the man's shoulder might need some kind of tending to, but when the man in question managed to shrug it off Michael allowed himself to focus on the more important things.

The place was creepy.

Not very important at first glance, but Michael knew enough about horror to know where you were most likely to get yourself attacked. The few inconsequential things he picked up on around the current area were easily ignorable and forgettable. I mean, a pen? What am I going to do, write a diary? He scoffed and scanned the rest of the area. The paint roller was useless, though a can of paint could come in handy as a distraction. Too bad there isn't any. The lamp didn't have any apparent uses. The wooden desk wasn't screaming "helpful" to Michael, but he took note of it anyway.

The Christmas lights merited the most attention. They seemed blatantly out of place, but Michael couldn't think of a reason why they would be there. The light they were giving off made them seem harmless enough, so he dismissed them for the moment.

When Alistair made his intention to explore clear, Michael tightened his grip on the fire axe. "Right behind you," he said. "Make sure you stay nearby," he told Sarah and the boy before imitating the man's quiet stride toward the bathroom. He brandished the axe with both hands as he followed, ready to use the weapon if he had to.

[Follow Alistair with weapon ready]
[Listen at door]
After everyone had gotten in, Sarah helped the others as they closed the door, and then moved away from it the enemies outside threw themselves against it. Nerd mentioned that that had been close, and since Bomber Jacket had already agreed, she continued the trend, but only with a nod.

She looked around her new surroundings, finding them to be strange for a church. There was some fresh paint decorating the walls, and it wasn't the kind of color she would have associated with a church. She also couldn't help but notice the disrepair some of the area was in. On top of this, Christmas lights were strung up. Sarah couldn't help but wonder who would decorate a church this way, and could only hope it wasn't another one of those crazies.

She strolled around the entrance to the church a bit, and picked up on the red pen when she noticed it. She found it strange that it was the only thing there. It also occurred to her that it would be useful if she was recording her diary on paper instead of in text form.

Bomber Jacket called out to her, so she quickly turned around and headed towards the center of the room, closer to the men. She didn't feel all the comfortable following the two into the Men's room, and didn't see the need in it, so she figured she'd be just as well off hanging around somewhere that wasn't inside the men's room.

Sarah's attention was drawn to the hallways. She couldn't help but think that the boys wouldn't find any people in the bathroom. The only people in here were them and the two at the ends of the halls. She didn't understand how, but she was sure this feeling was related to her recent string of head-ache inducing visions.

Slightly curious as to how this worked, she decided to see if she couldn't induce one of those visions herself. After finishing a quick diary entry, she sat down leaning against the desk. She remembered the head-aches and didn't want to fall over or something of the sort. "Besides, now seems like a good time to give my legs a quick rest." The girl though, as she tucked her legs up to her chest. She was wondered what would happen, and hoped that it wouldn't turn her eyes red, or turn her crazy, or mean she was crazy. "But I've already had these vision things, so if I'm already crazy I'll just have to deal with it. My eyes aren't red yet, at least, either."

She closed her eyes and focused. She tried to bring back the same kind of feeling the head-ache visions had given her, and thought hard about that feeling she had that there were people down the halls.

[sit down, update diary]
[SIGHT-JACK - random ??? down random hall]
Ix observed the interiors of the church-- it obviously didn't fit into a common stereotype of what a church would look like. And were those christmas lights? Giving blue color? Huh. All blue makes it fit with the robin egg blue in a surreal way.

It's a nice color combination, actually.

Just as the boy observed the odd tapestry, he looked around once more to attempt to find anything useful. Then the man with the axe said something about staying nearby, and Ixbalanque nodded in agreement.

He saw that the girl wasn't following, however, and stalked her instead. He was entirely sure that the two big men were fine on their own, and proceeded to shuffle closer to the girl.

Ix stared at the girl with brief curiosity, still wary of his surroundings. Apparently, Sarah attempted to sightjack and stuff. "What are you doing?" he asked.

[Majority attention on surveying surroundings]
[sticks with Sarah]