Era of Gourmet: Mighty Tyrant Crab

After riding on the ferry boat for how long, you finally arrived at your destination along with the mass of other people, all with one goal in mind: The Mighty Tyrant Crab.

In front of the giant cave entrance, at least three stories high in height, were groups of Bishoku-yas that have already placed camps around to prepare for their hunt for the ingredient. Few people has taken this opportunity for business as you can see plenty of food stands and rest areas, selling well known Eternal Ocean foods such as the Pilgrim Salmons, Opal Oysters, and even some Mighty Crabs...for relatively high price.

I.G.O. staffs have blocked off the entrance for the time being, so it would also mean that no one has taken their shot at grabbing the Tyrant Crab...For the time being, one should wait for a while...
"Wooo nelly! That's what I call a sea!"

Franc stayed behind the ferry boat while everyone was eager to get out to the cave, standing at the tip of the bow staring at the Eternal Ocean as he held his hat with one hand and a bottle of booze in the other. After taking one small slip through his lips, his pale cheek blushed red and let out a satisfied sigh. "They sure weren't kidding when they say this Breakwater Sake taste hellovalot better when drunk near the sea!"

Hanging the booze onto his belt, along side many other alcohols, Franc jumped off the bow of the boat and straight to the cave shore with one elegant leap. His landing wasn't as elegant as he crashed into the rocky shore with both legs, but surprisingly breaking bits and pieces of the rock rather than his leg. People around him was definitely surprised by his sudden entrance, but they ignored it immediately as they went about their ways to prepare for the crab hunt.

Franc took in a big breath of air through his nose, taking in the salty air as he let out yet another satisfied sigh. "Time for Franc Malbec to do his job!"

As enthusiastic as he was, it still didn't mean the cave was still open for business as it was still guarded by the I.G.O.s. Franc shrugged his shoulder and got himself at one of many food stands placed by business-seeking individuals. He found the cheapest, most rundown food stand out of all and took a seat with a glaring smile at the old granny owner. "One bowl of steamin' Smoked Oden and...Do you have any Mighty Crabs here, gran-gran?" It came as a big surprise to Franc as the stand indeed had some Mighty Crab legs, freshly made and still steaming hot. "H-here you go, honey..."

Even though he ordered so much to eat, Franc simply stared down at the food before him and turned around to see if anyone else was around. "Hey, anyone!" He yelled out loud with gusto. "Here's some free Mighty Crabs! Come get some!" Why would he go such length to buy these foods just so he can give them out? Well, eating alone is such a drag, nothing special except filling up your stomach and enjoying the taste by yourself. Food only taste great if they're shared (And if they're drunk with alcohol), and that was the personal code Franc lived with.
Donald sighed as the taste of brine lingered through the air and in his mouth. Mussing up his hair with one free hand as he held taught the strap of his duffel bag with his other, the bishoku-ya let his eyes wander around the camp as he stepped off the boat.

"How excitable," Donald grumbled working his way through the crowd. There was a variety of seafood for selection here, but none of them caught Donald's interest. He wasn't here to help his full course through some other person's findings, he did this his own way, the solo way.

Though being solo could get lonely at times, really, and it didn't seem like the I.G.O. would let them into the cave just yet. Donald was hungry, and he couldn't fight on an empty stomach. So he was surprised to hear some guy hollering about giving out some Mighty Crab meat, for free even. Well, at least that's what it sounded like. Not that he wouldn't pay for his share at any rate.

Chuckling lowly, Donald ambled his way toward the source of the voice and found the perpetrator, and boy did he reek of alcohol. Maybe the guy was drunk. In midday? It could happen.

"That's a fine offer you're giving out," Donald remarked sarcastically as he entered the stand and sat down next to the generous guy, dropping his duffel bag with a loud *WHUMP* at his side. "I'll take a bowl of Kakesoba if you have any, miss," Donald requested of the owner, who shakily nodded and prepared some in the back.

"Donald Grayson, Bishoku-ya, Mister give-away," Donald said, greeting the alcohol man and extending his arm for a handshake while taking the bowl of Kakesoba with his other. "Nice to know you," Donald's lips curled into a wry smile.
As Franc took another sip of his sake, he carelessly let out a belch and looked around the surrounding once more. "Che, these people sure are serious about all this." So far no one had took up his offer, but giving free Mighty Crab out, Franc didn't blame them for being too cautious about a deal too good to be true.

"E-eat up before it gets c-cold." The shop owner insisted. "Alright, fine..." But before he reached out to grab one of the crab legs, someone finally took the offer! Franc let out a smirk as he took a sip once more, putting out two metal shot glasses out from his belt and filling them both with liquor.

"Franc Malbec...Also a Bishoku-ya. But I guess it's no surprise that almost everyone here is one." Franc replied as he offered the glass to the stranger. "Now don't be shy, take some for yourself!" With the tip of his mouth letting out a trail of drool, the eager alcoholic reached out for one of the steaming Mighty Crab legs.

"O-Oh dear. I forgot to h-hand you these." Said the owner as she handed out a pair or crab crackers. "Haha, no thanks, gran-gran. I got this." Franc confidently held the giant crab leg with both hands and attempted to crack it in half...but no matter how hard he tried, it didn't even bend! "...A-ahaa...Right, these aren't any regular crabs...Hold on for a sec." With a nervous chuckle, Franc swigged the shot of liquor down in one gulp, then went for a second attempt.


The Mighty Crab leg snapped with no effort this time around, revealing the famous, succulent white meats that drizzled with juice. "Donald, here. You might have trouble getting one of these open."Franc offered the first bite to his new pal with a smile, happy to have some company to enjoy his meal.
"Gladly," Donald smirked as he took the shot glass that his new acquaintance has offered and readied his chopsticks to pick out some Mighty Crab meat. He raised an eyebrow and chuckled lightly as Franc tried opening the crab leg to no avail.

"Here, I'll-" Donald started, before Franc took a swig of alcohol and suddenly cracked a leg right open! He was then offered the first bite.

"Uh... sure, it'll go great with my kakesoba I'm sure, ahahaha..." Donald laughed nervously as he took the broken crab leg and scooped it over his own dish.

"Cheers," Donald proposed, raising his shot glass to Franc. "That your ability? Convert alcohol to pure power? How interesting."