Welcome to the Era of Gourmet, the world where discovery of the unknown taste is in the mind of every inhabitant. This is a world where there are infinite number of ingredients, ranging from a pool of soup placed in the icy arctic to dangerous animals with prized meat everyone desires for. This is when the Bishoku-ya, Luxury Food Provider, is called for, to venture into the wild and the dangerous to bring back the ingredients to the civilized world.

You are a Bishoku-ya, a super human with the ever-changing "Gourmet Cells" in their body, who's power and ability is beyond mere imagination. Go out into the World of Ingredients, discover, gather, and consume the unknown foods, and prove yourself as the best Bishoku-ya!

-Set Up-
The I.G.O., International Gourmet Organization, has put out a world wide news about a sudden increase of unknown ingredients appearing through out the World of Ingredients. With so much at stake, they have issued all known Bishoku-ya, from newbies to veterans, permission to go out and find whatever they can in order to increase the number of ingredient listings. This is the time where one can make a name for themselves!

Create your character with the following format.

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Food Preference:

Name, Apperance and Personality of your character can be made according to your will, but the Food Preference and the Ability of your character needs to be something special.

The World of Ingredients isn't a place where a normal human being can simply tread, it is a world full of dangerous animals and harsh environments that would deem it inhospitable. Hence, only the Bishoku-ya are only allowed to venture into it. Their Gourmet Cells allows their bodies to change, improve, strengthen in an unnatural rate in any given situations. However, this rate of change can become even faster if the person consumes certain foods that bodes well with one's preference. The Character's food preference can be something general, such as grilled meat, noodles, or even a type of dessert.

The Character's ability makes them stand out from anyone else in the world. Whether it may be their super human strength, the ability to excrete deadly poison from the body, or even having the skill to use an oversized spatula as a weapon, it has gotten you through the harsh World of Ingredients. It could be based upon kitchen utensils or even food preparation methods, as long as you deliver the ingredients in its edible states, it will get you through as a Bishoku-ya. There is one requirement: YOU MUST EXPLAIN HOW YOUR ABILITY WORKS.

Example Bishoku-ya:

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Name: Bobby Fillet

Appearance: A Caucasian man with an average build, dressed head to toe in a black chef uniform and a red apron. He keeps his brown hair short and keeps it tied to a tiny pony tail at all times. Bobby carries with him, literally, an entire restaurant kitchen amount of utensils with him with a giant cloth haphazardly tied together.

Personality: Bobby is a rare breed of Bishoku-ya who is also a chef at the same time. Following the word "Ingredients are only best at their freshest" close to his heart, he seeks out into the World of Ingredients to satisfy his own skill as a chef and to create new foods. He takes both compliments and complaints from his customers about his foods extremely seriously, either loving them till they get annoyed or hating them to the point of insatiable rage.

Food Preference: Steaks, preferably medium rare. Dislikes bird meats.

Ability: Bobby's main ability is to cut down its ingredient with its super human precision and his personal, mithril kitchen knife. Rather than simply cutting through his ingredients, his time as a chef has taught him to cut through the vital spots so it would insure both efficient and clean results for his cooking and ingredient delivery.

Character registration can be found Here

Capture Level
The ingredients that dictates the world is categorized into "Capture Levels". Higher the level, the more difficult it is to obtain it. For a high capture level animal, their level could be determined either by their strength or how rare they are. For a stationary ingredients such as plants, their capture level would be determined by how difficult it is to find and reach the area where it grows. For certain ingredients, however, their capture level can are unmeasurable due to how difficult it is...

The World
The World of Ingredients are separated into 5 main regions...

The civilized center of the world, the Epicure Epicenter, is the only part of the world where it is civilized by humanity. Few parts of the E.E. is inhabited by dangerous monsters, but their Capture Level is low enough to be dealt with normal humans.

The northwestern direction from the E.E. is the Zest Desert, where each grain of "sand" is actually spices, attracting numbers of exotic animals to the place. The constant sandstorm reveals the different layers of spices the desert has to offer and a very few part of the continent has Spice Mines placed for people to gather it.

The northeastern side is called the Jungle Ranch, a thick rain forest filled with innumerable amounts of plant ingredients and other beings such as bugs and birds. It is also well known to have sweet, juice like raindrops every once in a while.

The southwestern side is called the Hodgepodge Mountain, a mountainous region where it's filled with all kinds of mountains, from snow covered to active volcanos. With such extreme difference in various areas, the Hodgepodge Mountain is the most dangerous and the most plentiful when it comes to ingredient variations.

The southeastern side is called the Eternal Ocean, an endless sea where it's filled with aquatic ingredients up to the brim. The deeper one goes, the more terrible and wonderful ingredients he will encounter. At its side are thousands of cave holes, each one either leading down deeper into the earth or loop around endlessly...

There are other kinds of environments that offers different types of ingredients all over the world, but the listed 5 are the only ones that are categorized.

-Bishoku-ya: Ingredient hunters who will venture out into the World of Ingredients for the sake of gourmet eating. All of them are required to register themselves to the I.G.O. and not allowed to act upon themselves unless they are contracted by other companies/restaurants or have earned the privilege to do so. It wasn't until the sudden boom of new ingredients that the I.G.O. has allowed everyone to search out into the World of Ingredients.

Only a handful of Bishoku-yas have the Gourmet Cells in their bodies, allowing them super human powers and abilities...

-Bishoku-kai: A group of renegade Bishoku-yas who hunts and kills ingredients as they please. They are not bounded by the rules set by the I.G.O. and are considered dangerous criminals for their mistreatment of ingredients. Some say that they are doing this solely to increase their power of their Gourmet Cells from all the ingredients they find...

-Saiseiya: A group similar in strength with the Bishoku-ya, but their objective is the polar opposite: The preservation of ingredients. Whether the ingredients are in the verge of extinction from natural cause or over-hunting, the Saiseiyas will do anything in order to preserve the World of Ingredients.

Full Course Meal:
Everyone who is anyone in the Era of Gourmet seeks out to complete their ultimate "Full Course Meal." Some people simply fill these with high capture level ingredients to boast, some carefully pick and choose specific ones to cater their personal taste, for most ingredient hunters, they acquire all the ingredients to fill their Full Course Meal with their own hands.

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Fish Dish: 
Meat Dish:

Even the most veteran Bishoku-yas has yet to complete their Full Course Meal, while a regular civilian would. How a person goes about completing their own is completely up to them...