Rockman Armor idea/ooc?

(If anyone is interested in the below idea, this will be the OOC page)

I'm thinking about making a mini-RP here (or even a full-blown RP with Invisionfree, but I tried that and failed miserably) about mechs/super robots/powered armors. I believe that a Rockman-based Mech RP would be pretty cool (the mechs based on Rockman characters). Anyone interested? I call dibs on Model GutsMan

Name: Dex

Appearance: that of Dex from Rockman.EXE

Traits: Stubborn, intelligent, strong, arrogent, likes chess and strategy games

Mech: Model GutsMan
Mech Description: A huge (for mechs, which are big to begin with) humanoid mech based on Guts Man. Its arms are the biggest part about it, making it look vaugely ape-like. Its head is the cockpit, and where ist eyes would be is a mirrored window. Its shoulders have what appear to be rocket launchers.
Primary Weapon: Super Arm - incredibly powered arms that are used for punching, throwing, or swinging weapons.
Secondary Weapons: Guts Machinegun - Machineguns inside of its fingers
Overdrive - boosts Model GutsMan mech to maximum, increasing its strength but causing strain on it
Hacking - the "rocket launchers" on its shoulder fire burrowing, drill-like missiles that bore into the enemy mech. They actually transmit a signal, that as long as all six of the projectiles bore in at least an inch, can enter the computers of that mech. Dex can then attempt to wirelessly hack the enemy's computers. Considering the "raw power" appearance of the mech, it is quite a surprise to many. However, its drawback is that quick or heavily-armored enemies may be able to block or dodge some of them - and blocking or dodging just one is enough to make it fail.

That is my general idea.
I love giant robots as much as the next guy, buuuuut....

ONE! Crossovers like these can get really stupid/outrageous, no offense.
TWO! Using official characters IN said crossover RP? Tsk tsk.
Then... nevermind. How about a more general giant robot RP?
That's probably be much more accepted. (^.^)b
And is a helluva lot more epic, if you ask me. Then again, my Gurren Lagann RP board kinda died...

Quote (Nalerenn)

And is a helluva lot more epic, if you ask me. Then again, my Gurren Lagann RP board kinda died...

<whistles innocently>
Yeah, I might be up for this, I'll work something out, probably.
Havent I already come up with something like this?

only to have you people reject me?

Seriously, what's the deal? People try to do the things I did months eariler to..... x5 more success than me. TEH FUX?
Mabe its cuz u suk, n00b!

...just messing with you. Actually, I think that maybe its because more than one person suggests it. I don't know, I'm quite surprised that you would have been rejected. That's kinda weird that your idea didn't get accepted, but at least there is a chance of it happening, right? I hope that doesn't sound rude.


I was talking about it the day before that in the chat, and everyone thought I was a dumbass.

People just dont like me here....
Stop bitching, I think I'm in about the same boat.