Bloodsong: Adventurers OOC

The Present/Unsung party is to use this thread for OOC. However, metagaming (such as coordinating tactics without contacting each other IC) will be punished. The primary use of this thread will be for rules lawyering or for requesting information.
Wow. My initiative is PHAIL. ;~;
I also BSed them a little depending on who was where.

You were farthest away and would be least motivated to spring into action. Dethis and Wooga were already in action mode. So you see...
Sorry, I've been quite busy the last few days.

As for Aria... she's not at the bar yet.

It didn't take long to get a fight going though, now did it?
I'll place you wherever you want to be sitting in the bar, or you can be outside. I was hoping you'd show up.
I wasn't going to skip out on this.

I'll stay outside for the moment. I'll need to do a few catch-up rolls to ascertain the situation. Besides, Aria wouldn't normally enter a bar in an elf-hostile town (that's just asking for trouble). So...

I'll take a combined 3-round Listen Check at +6 to overhear the circumstances that started the bar fight as Aria walks down the street.

Don't worry, I'll post this action once I get back from school around 10 PM Est.

And I still need to type up my character description. (At least I've got some of it written already.)
Quick note: Seeing as how there's a requirement of BAB +10 for Freezing the Lifeblood, there's no plausible way you can get it before level 10, right?
Oh, and with the new post, have I gotten up, or is my current post what would happen this turn? oo;
Nah, you can have the next round too. I'm nice like that.

Quote (Apr 9 2007)

After a while, Pally hears a commotion, but discerns nothing further. Sorry, you had three really terrible rolls.

Wow... That's a pity. I'll post accordingly.

By the way, I'm going to slot-in a placeholder post before I miss this round entirely. What order I post in doesn't much matter since I'm not currently involved in combat.

Quote (Kazu)

He already did.

Look, does it matter? I hate these turn rules anyway.

Wait a minute, I thought our posts were the "surprise round", and this is now starting in earnest?
Well, Dethis just went, and I don't feel like letting him finish this guy off. He did take a combat action, the element of surprise is gone, and in this six seconds Wooga (and you) would've certainly done something.
I will do something, I just need to be rolled for. I'm planning on attacking the leader.
Just so you know, lethal and nonlethal damage are seperate. Being on the brink of passing out doesn't make you any closer to dying.
So you decide if it's lethal or non lethal?

I get what your saying, their seperate and there are differences. I just don't get what your going for.
Usually, punching someone in the face or beating them around with a blunt object is nonlethal.

Dethis is a monk, so he can choose whether to deal lethal or nonlethal damage with his fists.

You, on the other hand, are using a polearm, so you could deal nonlethal damage if you felt like it, but you would do so with a -4 attack roll. Polearms typically deal lethal damage with those nasty blades of theirs.
I forgot that, I was thinking about something else.
Sorry for moving you without asking first, but with a polearm you have to attack at a range of 10 feet. Therefore, you jumped on the bar to give yourself some space.
Thats cool Kazu.