White Dove Down

A "Black Hawk Down" style of RP. This RP casts you into the fictional broken city of Jagd Gihr, in Africa, where lawless warlords and their clans fight against the United Nations forces who try to restore sanity and life back to normal. The strongest of the clans hoarded food and forced the other, meeker clans to go into starvation. The political system had collapsed into total anarchy. Drought on these lands have taken their toll as crops no longer give fruit and water dried completely by the baking sun. This wasn't a normal battlefield. It was hell.

But the special forces, the famously referred to "Archers" were the ones stupid, but brave enough to take the job of cleaning up the clans and restoring democracy. These brave soldiers, in their heavy gunship the "White Dove", rode into the still burning city of Jagd Garcia. Their mission? To abduct three infamous clan leaders. To do that, they would face hundreds of angry natives, armed with AK-47s, RPGs and Molotov Cocktails. It wouldn't be easy, and soldiers will lose their lives. But the only question is.

Are you brave enough to take this mission?



Okay. It begins with three marker points. Three white dove helicopters will drop off the Player Characters into their designated marker points. You may choose which point to land. The landing points are:

a: The Olympian Hotel (North of Town)
b: Garcian Marketplace (South of Town)
c: The "Gallows" (Middle of town)

If the player decides NOT to go in from white dove, or if he joins after the three white doves have taken off , he may select one of the two convoys to enter the warzone.

a: Convoy A (En route to Olympian Hotel using Lokapala street. )
b: Convoy B (En route to the Mosque using Icarus Street. )

Players may select a proficiency from the list below:

The Standard operations gear for the average archer. The equipment load out is
1: the FN FAL (20 shots)
2: four Flashbangs
3: 9mm Handgun (7 rounds)
4: Combat knife
5: 6 FN FAL magazines
6: 10 Handgun Cartridges
7: 1500ml Canteen
8: Walkie Talkie

NOD (Night Observation Device, A.k.a. Night Vision Goggles, if taken the player must remove 2 handgun cartridges.)
Stinger Missile Launcher (Player has to remove FN FAL from his inventory and all it's magazines due to the weight, and carries 4 rockets instead.)

The medic of the group. The Equipment load out is:
1: MP5 Submachine gun (30 shots)
2: 9mm Handgun (7 Rounds)
3: 4 MP5 Magazines
4: 3 Rolls of Bandages
5: 150ml of antiseptic
6: 5 Handgun Catridges
7: 1500ml Canteen containing water
8: 8 Packets of "Blood bag" (2 for each blood type, A, B, AB, O, used for transfusion when one player or NPC has received heavy blood loss)
9: Walkie Talkie
10: Combat Knife


The explosives master. The equipment load out is:
1: M2 Browning (100 shots. Must be stationary to achieve higher accuracy)
2: 2 Boxes of extra machine gun ammo.
3: 4 packs of C4
4: 4 HE Grenades
5: Combat Knife
6: 5 Claymore Mines
7: Flashbang Grenades
8: Smoke Grenades
9: Walkie Talkie

Extra packs of C4. 6 packs mean you have to discard a box of MG ammo.

The game will be played out using storyteller system. After the players have posted, I'll post the results of your actions. Once the results are posted, your actions CANNOT be edited.

Blood Type:

History: (Short one. Don't need to be too descriptive)