Soul Arson: An S-CRY-ED RP

I was just thinking how completely awesome and RPable a series like S-CRY-ED would be. I don't want to make it into an actual board, but running a small little RP here on the board couldn't hurt. If some of you would like to try out, read below and then register a character. :3

I plan to keep it pretty loose.

First, the back story:

A small island off the just off the Mainland- a large continent which holds the center of the world's government- is the site of the storyline. The island holds one major city, where people live ordinary, happy lives under the law of HOLY. HOLY is a special organization, a division of the Mainland, where alter users are hired to help keep the peace inside the city and outside. Their main duty is the apprehension of rebels, alter users who live outside the city in small villages. They are considered highly threatening to the stability of the Additionally, some of the soldiers were once rebel alter users; they were captured and made HOLY officers in a program called HOLD, which secretly (not even officers of HOLY are aware) harvests the powers of Alter users and at the same time unleashes their potential. The process significantly shortens the subject's lifespan. A giant wall seperates the city from the lawless villages.

The RP will basically consist of the HOLY officer's attempts to bring in rebel officers, and on the other side, the rebel's struggle to escape capture and survive.

A quick explanation of what alter powers actually are:

Alter users are living beings who were born with strange powers, which most develop to the point that they can choose when to activate the powers, and therefore supress it. At an early age, alter use is harder to supress, but also not as potent. Mass possession of alter powers came to be during an event some years ago that realeased a large amount of alter power, or "power from the other side" throughout the world. The "other side" that is the source of alter power is inaccessible to human beings. Even some animals have been effected, giving them a crude, uncontrolled form of alter usage (many forests are overrun with dangerous beasts wtih alter powers).

Alter users manifest their alters by using materials around them. The materials simply glow momentarily, then burst, reforming to form whatever it is that the user is manifesting. It is important to note that it takes much practice to gain the ability to actually choose what you're using as materials; usually, you'll simply draw material from random scenery. Another thing that an alter user would do well to remember is that whatever material is used for summoning their power cannot be regenerated; it could therefore be said that through the transferrance of mass from our world to the "other side," alter powers are among the most dangerous tools known to mankind.

The alter manifestation is a reflection of one's own desires; being more romantic, it's like an image of their soul. Therefore, most alter users will have an alter with a power that reflects their own thoughts or passions.

Scenery description:

So far as scenery goes, the area outside the city where most fighting occurs is very rural area; many places are barren and treeless. Typical animals can be found around. The scenery can be as diverse as a wasteland, a village, a jungle, out on the roads, the beaches, etc. At times some fighting may take place inside the city, but not often. As a sidenote, HOLY members arrive at their destination by armored vehicles. You may have another method of transportation if you choose.


Anyways, here's a registration form:

Quote ()






Alter Ability:

A basic description of each feature:

Name: The name your character goes by. It can be a realistic name, an unrealistic name, or a nickname. Anything's fine, really.

Appearance: How your character looks without their alter power activated. You don't have to wear the HOLY uniform to be in HOLY, due to the commander's dress code, but you can if you want to. If you do choose to, know that it is a purple and white uniform with white gloves and black boots.

Personality: How your character acts. You can be fairly brief here.

Alliance: Your character is allied either with the rebels living outside the city or the members of HOLY inside the city. It's a HOLY member's job to try and bring in the alter users for experimentation in HOLD.

Alter: The name of your alter power. You shout it out when you use it, as S-CRY-ED is a bad a** version of that genre of anime. Names are composed of two often abstract words. Examples include "Radical Goodspeed," "Mad Script," "Eternity Eight," etc.

Alter Ability (Level 1): What your alter power allows you to do. This isn't actually a rigid battle system, since it's more about the writing. Anyways, this is one of the most interesting parts of your registration. It's what defines your character and his fighting style. To start off, some examples:

Kazuma's alter power allows him to manipulate materials into a golden arm for powerful gliding punches. As he progresses, he is able to fly freely and launch extremely powerful attacks. At its peak, the armor on his arm spreads across his entire body, and he has a greater supply of "bullets".

Riyuho's alter power allows him to manipulate materials into a white and purple robot with a sort of a purple, metal, bladed scarf that he uses to cut opponents. As he progresses, the robot gains the ability to launch off his arms for drill attacks. At its peak, he can use it to spread armor across his body and fight with immensely powerful arm-blades.

Straight Cougar's alter power allows him to manipulate anything into a car or speed boots to travel at amazing speeds. At its peak, he can use it to spread armor across his body and fight at even greater speeds.

Unke's alter power allows him to manipulate materials into a giant moniter that sits behind him with thousands of extensions. He can then write a script; anything he writes, the character's must adhere to unless they are strong enough to break free.

Dark soldiers are given the alter power to control floating mechanical hands.

Basically, the point is that they can be highly abstract. If you'd like a logical flow for how your power should build, it goes something like this:
Level 1 = Weapon,
Level 2 = Upgraded Weapon,
Level 3 = Far Upgraded Weapon,
Level 4 = Full Armor and Greater Hax.

*I'd also like to point out that there's no place to type up a backstory. This is intentional. You can reveal bits and pieces of your backstory as you choose. I doubt anyone will do anything so off the wall I won't accept it.

**For the purpose of the RP, I ask that you not create a character with a natural weapon other than their hand-to-hand skills and their Alter Power. No guns, knives, etc. unless they're an Alter.


Once you're approved, you will most likely start out by, if you're a rebel, interacting with other people in the villages around you. If you're a member of HOLY, you could either communicate with other officers or go out on an Alter hunt.

To start a fight, name the character you'd like to do battle with. I would be perfectly happy to set you up with NPCs if you don't want to fight another RPer's character. You can fight with as many in one battle as you like; you can also stage fights with allies. Remember, I'll moderate you after you've posted each participant has typed out their actions, so adhere to the "don't RP that you're hitting" rule.

You won't choose when to level up your alter power. Once I feel like you've been fighting sufficiently, I will announce that you have gained new abilities and can now use its upgraded form.

Typically, if you are defeated in combat, I'll have a plot device ready to save your character. If you don't want to be saved, you can create a new character. There's no real penalty for being defeated, since there's no reward system.

Remember, it's all just in fun.

If at any time you wish to interact with an NPC, just tell me and I'll let you. Otherwise, talk amongst eachother. You can interact with any HOLY NPCs already listed as a member of HOLY. You can interact with any Rebel NPCs as a rebel. I wouldn't suggest trying to interact with the leader of whichever group you're not in, but feel free to talk to your group's own leader.

All locations are fairly close together, so travelling shouldn't take too long (a drive at most). Invent a plot device if your character needs to get somewhere but doesn't have a car. As I said before, HOLY members should reach the rebel's villages via armored vehicles.


Here's a list of NPCs introduced so far:

Quote ()


-Marcellus Hidreid-
A balding man with a rather obvious, combed-over wig. His hair is dark silver, and he usually wears a very self-satisfied smirk. He has a very distinct cleft chin, and a fairly standard build. He wears the typical HOLY uniform, although distinctly, he is the commander of the HOLY division on the island (he is the head position that reports back to the Mainland). Nobody's ever seen his alter power, but since he's the head of the island's forces, he must have access to an incredible ability. His cocky, laid-back attitude leads many officers to doubt his skill.
Alter Power: Unknown. No report.


-Shole Brite-
A tall man with messy golden hair and a very inconspicuous brown hooded cape that he generally wears wrapped around his body. Under it, he wears a the lower part of a uniform that shows he was once a member of Holy, along with a black sleeveless shirt. He acts optimistic most of the time, but people who know him say he's deeply disturbed by events he witnessed in HOLY'S "HOLD" program. He seems to sink into depression at times. He is viewed as the leader of the rebels, because of HOLY's repeated failures to bring him in.
Alter Power: "Witness Retalliation." Summons a large golden pistol with a very large orange and red trigger. Fires a heated golden bullet at an opponent that can pass through metal and achieves amazing velocity. He may have even stronger forms of the technique.
A broadcast came up on an enormous monitor, displaying throughout the entire city. The image and audio were interpretable even at the edge of the city on the outer wall, so great was the announcement. "I'd like to announce that the Mainland has declared open season on all uncivilized alter users," Commander Marcellus explained. "That's right, you know what this means; it's time to start mobilizing HOLY forces to bring in those treacherous villains." He paused here for a yawn, then continued, leaning his head on one fist and smiling into the camera. "You'll be seeing many armored vehicles containing our officers travelling through the area. Remember, please be curtious to all of them. That's an order," he laughed. "Crime is about to go on a major fall again people; cheer for us, and I'll send your praise directly to the mainland!" The officer's obnoxious voice continued to boom across the city, giving further relatively meaningless orders to the people of the city.

Meanwhile, an ominous wind blew through the city. Shole gathered his cloak around himself, listening to the announcement from his position directly outside the city wall. "HOLY's really going to do it again... they're coming for us."

Shole's dune-buggy burst through the sands of the desert area, zipping from town to town. "Alter users! Every village with an alter user must be careful!" he warned as he moved from town to town, shouting desperately. "HOLY's on the move again! All alter users have to be ready to fight and defend your villages! HOLY's cowardly tactics in the past led them to attack any villages with any possibility of harboring alter users. You all have to be on your guard! Be ready to protect your villages, please!"
((Added a description of what alter powers actually are... can't believe I forgot that. XD))