The Fall of the Han.

Okay, I got to thinking, and I want to be the first created RP. Mostly for maculinity reasons, not really though. But the majority of people in the event have to wait for awhile. So I decided, why not give people who are in the even something to do. If you have played Dynasty Warriors, this is almost like it. Except this is going to go by historical reasons. There will be two battles, the yellow turban rebellion, and the Dong Zhuo battle. You need to create a character before you can fight along side history.

Name: ((You need something that has your last name first. For example, Doas Sakiv.))

Appearance: ((Your armor will be a majority of purple. But it can be a little bit knight like. Not much though. You will have cloth also.))

Personality: ((You know what this is. Use it to your full extent.))

Weapon: ((You can have a Spear, Pike, Sword, Glaive, or halberd. You can give descriptions of your weapon also.))

And that is all you'll need for the first two battles. After the fall of the Han, I'll think about continuing till the land is divided. But then comes the problem of multiple kingdoms.
Haha, freakin sweet. Taking the "Romance of Three Kingdoms" approach, eh? I'll join!!! *Throws confetti breads*
Name: Hee-Chul

Appearance: Hee-Chul wears a fully armored lower garments and a simple chain mail on top with a large sash. His garment are sturdy with thick leathers, mostly brown, and his pants are armored with metal plating with designs of the Sun on his left and Moon on his right. He wears a primitive looking chainmail, not the typical one you see in the medieval days, but it has few plating blocking only his vital spots. He wears a large white sash over his shoulder to his waist, with a large rusted chain over the middle of the sash. His body is covered in old scars and few fresh ones, his skin is tanned and his muscle is above average. He has a short black hairs, slightly spiked, normal statue, and his eyes have an intimidating leer but he rarely stares at anyone.

Personality: Hee-Chul is a very violent man in battle. Not a single doubt goes through his mind when he gives the final blow and he is determined to kill his enemy even if it hurts his own body. Despite all of this, he is very social and friendly toward his friends, and friends only. He also doesn't try to use his strength to fix everything, but in the end he mostly does.

Weapon: Blunt Joy / Bright Sorrow (Two Axes)

Blunt Joy: A large sized axe that can be only held with great strength. The blade of the axe is rusted and dulled, but it's size makes up the prowl. This axe is held by his right hand.

Bright Sorrow: A below average axe which can be easily held by ond hand. The blade of the axe is golden and extremely sharp, mainly used for speedy slashes and throwing. This axe is held by his left hand.

Heh, I'll use my Omega fighter from my romance of the three kingdoms games

Name: Osan Talon

Appearance: Talon has Standard soldiers armor, however crafted of fine steel and rimmed purple (He thinks of it as his best ally besides his weapon). He has sleeves on his armor as well. He never takes off his armor unless he has to.

Personality: Talon is a born fighter. He has the charm and the ability to lead a great deal of men into victory. He for his father, Osan Blade. In battle he is calm, however he is prone to challenging the enemy officers into fighting him face to face. He thinks poorly of his older brother, Osan Fang. In his spare time not much is known except that he tutors his older sister, Osan Claw, in combat every once and a while. He has fallen in love with his father's advisor's daughter, En Bay.

Weapon: Glaive of Futures (He intends to give this to his son, whom he will name Osan Glaive) - A glaive crafted to seem as though it were made of silver, while instead it is Steel. It shines brightly in the sun, but Osan Talon does not use this as a trick because he knows he must not show dishonor in front of his fellow soldiers.
Alright, I'll give you a heads up. Other people have two more days to sign up and post. Mostly because tomorrow is the superbowl, and then I may have school the day after.

But before that, I want to give more detail on what I'm going at.

You who join, will all be under the command of the same officer. And he will soon become an officer under the leadership of He Jin in the Yellow Turban Rebellion. If you die, you may comeback. But as a different person. You won't usually die, I don't feel like killing anyone yet. I will just make you retreat back to the camp, where you will wait a while until I say you can return.

Your officers are Doas Skiv, and his bodyguards Pont Wijs, and Pont Vop. They will lead your every move, until this battle is over. Then I will see who did the best, and who will get promoted to a higher rank. Rank does nothing for you, it just shows how your officer will treat you. Actually rank may not play much in this.

Doas Skiv is a nice man, but during battle, he is tough as nails. His helmet covers his eyes, so he doesn't see much. He wields a large spear.

Pont Wijs is the oldest of the three, and the brother of Pont Vop. He is bald, and strong. He wields a large pole axe.

Pont Vop, is the smartest, and the youngest of the group. But this is what makes him the outcast of the three. He weilds a large scimitar.

These are your officers, and they must survive. Your backstory will unfold later in the story. When you have a break between the battle. Breaks will happen when I need to think up something. IC breaks will be at night, and no yellow turbans will attack you during a break.

I will RP Doas Skiv, and the other two. But until I find people who will roleplay Pont Vop, and Pont Wijs, I will do it.
((Alright, Common and Goroke, it's time for your first battle.))

A large army amasses in a small corner of a soon to be battle field. In the middle, are seven men. He Jin, the man in the finest armor begins to speak. It is unhearable by people on the outer rings of the army, but in the end, after his speech, a large cheer can be heard. The army begins to split up, and a small force of 300 is following Doas Skiv.

He begins to speak to his men. "We have our orders, and they are to be the distraction." He then looks at the two men beside him. One bald, the other with long hair. He speaks to them, "Pont Wijs, I want you to take the recruits, and go directly to the castle. I and Pont Vop will take the elites and cause the distraction."

Pont Wijs agrees and then begins to call out the recruits. Two names are heard, Osan Talon, and Hee Chul. They then follow the thirty some troops, and Pont Wijs. And head directly to the castle.
"Whew!! Yea!! Finally some action in this place!". Hee Chul ran with the assult troops while he was clashing both of his axes together. "I didn't join the military for nothing!!"
Talon Simply followed, while the one called Hee Chul was revving up for battle. He was too far north for his father's army to be concerned in any way. It was a large fall from commanding armies to doing suicidal grunt work, but with his talents he should at least get to the position of carrying the commander's orders to the officers and their men. He readied his glaive and began to march.
Pont Wijs scans over the new recruits of his masters small force. "I got the short end of the pole here." Pont Wijs pulled his pole axe up from the ground. He then began to have the small force move out. They were about to attack the Turbans main camp. But something seemed to be on Pont Wijs mind, something that looked very terrifying.

The soliders began to move forwards. The camp was still a ways off from their position. But Pont Wijs was determined to get there by night fall.

((If people still want to join, it's all good.))
Talon spotted the commander looking as though he was thinking about something. It looked like something that would disrupt the moral of the troops. That's the last thing that needs to happen in a battle, especially beforehand. He sped up and quietly wispered "Sir, I think it might be wise to keep a confident look, less the moral drop before the battle begins." The last time he saw an officer with an uncertain look on his face, the battle ended in a retreat humiliating retreat.
Pont Wijs looked at the new recruit, he then put his large hand on the recruit. He then began to speak to the recruit. "I know you boy, this battle can only result in death. Even if we can suceed, death is certain. It's on the air, and the air never lies to me." Pont Wijs then looked back, his men were becoming tired. And the yellow turbans were probably getting close to them.

"TAKE A BREATHER MEN. We can't cover anymore land right now."
"Che! I can take'em by myself!!". Hee Chul sat down with his expression of disappointment. "But I guess I have no choice..."