I finished a Christmas project in Novelty! If you can ignore the fact that I didn't start with the right window size in mind, the fact that the game crashes literally every time it's closed, and various other factors it can be great yuletide fun! Exciting user reviews:

"The game is fun and makes me excited about what else you can do with Novelty! But it's too hard. Way too hard." -Heat

Sounds like fun, right? You can download it (9 MB) here:

SLEUTH CHRISTMAS QUIZ (WARNING: This game is ecchi, it is NSFW)

When you download the game, simply open the .rar you downloaded, find the .exe file, and launch it. No setup is required! Just leave the .exe in the same folder as the other files.

KNOWN ISSUES: the answer to question #6 is wrong... I didn't know that there was a Cybeast event back on RECN before the Rogues, lol. So the answer to pick will be the Threat of the Rogues, even though that's not correct.