Alexia Greijn + Stryder

Name:Alexia Greijn (pronounced 'green')
Appearance: Alexia stands at 5'10". He wears a pair of leather boots, long, black, baggy pants with chain straps and studs. A black t-shirt with an angel on it, and a black+white striped long sleeve undershirt. Alexia has shoulder length green hair, a 9mm bullet earring and wears a visor. She also has a wireless headset that functions as an mp3 player/phone/ and com-link with her navi, Stryder.
Personality:Alexia can be shy at times, but shes pretty much outgoing. She's always listening to her mp3. Alexia isn't the aggressive type in a fight, yet shes an excellent strategist. Stryder has multiple weapon extensions for her arm(s), that are only accessed through sig attacks.
PET Modifications: Standard looking PET, custom colored white, silver and black. Has a slide-locking mechanism for using chips, and a hologram map.


Element: Normal
Type: Cursor
Appearance: Dark red, medium length hair with lots of bangs, 9mm bullet ear ring, a pair of spiked bracelets on her arms. Camouflaged boots, black+white stockings, and a medium length black skirt. Also has a red visor that deploys only during battle.
Personality:Very calm and cool headed. It would take quite a lot to frustrate Stryder or get on her nerves. Unlike Alexia, Stryder isn't shy at all, but can be quiet at times. Stryder also has a deep obsession with various firearms, and is always trying to find a way to improve her weapon extensions. Loves to listen to Alexia's music and help her think of new strategies.
Custom Weapon:Right hand is an SMG

[EDITED sig attack]
Signature Attack:
Bullet Barrage
Left hand transforms into an SMG. Stryder folds her arms, and fires a non-stop barrage of bullets at the enemy, doing 60 damage total. Can be split and fired at up to two enemies doing 30 damage to each. 3 turn cooldown
I remember you from RECN! Did you ever get a chance to RP?
On RECN yeah, but i kinda...disappeared. during my own RP. >< I dont plan on doing that this time. btw, last minute edited my sig attack in case anyone went straight to this post.
I'd like more description for the Navi.
added extra info to my navi.
I guess it's about as good as what we usually ask for.

GET: Newbie Pack
GET NAVICUST: ATK+1, RAP+1, CHG+1, Undershirt
GET CHIPS: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw