Eon's magnificent Artwork Thread

Yes, praise me, praise me. [Bombarded by inflammatory comments and rotten objects of various sorts]

Well, getting around to it, I'm willing to draw various pictures of anything in particular.


Yes, yes, I know you're all sighing in pain, you perverts, you. [Bombarded again]

Payment negotiable. Preferably in the ten digits. [Stabbed. Repeatedly.]

Okay, three digit numbers.

Working on: Druidman, because you all know he Pwns your arses, woodystyle.


Quote (EonOmega)

Druidman, because you all know he Pwns your arses, woodystyle.


Wood types get all the irritating innuendo, I know.

You already know that I'll do favors for art.
[Ignores Kazu]

I'm drawing Kenshin_Trigger's XIII because of a deal.
Works In progress:

Yeah. First one is fanart I'm working on, second one is Druidman.
Your faces and head-shapes in general seem to have improved. You have my kudos. I'm having a lot of trouble doing profile shots lately, turned to a 1/2 view.

The poses are pretty interesting as well (another area I need to work on). The thumb looks pretty good on that left-most guy in the top pic, but the thumbs in the Druidman pic don't seem as realistic.

Good work all in all though. I think they show some pretty nice improvement from the last sketches you showed off.
The left guy in the top pic? 'Drakkas'. No joke.

But he has a frilly coat. Drakkas has armor. That guy has a frilly coat.
I named him drakkas in the game because he honestly did bear a slight resemblance.
Nyah, nyah, whatevers.

Stupid Eon.

Putting his drawings everywhere.
Sweet god in Heaven, Eon got good.
Eon got very good. Probably from being in summer school. Isn't that right, Eon?
This is good inspiration for me. I'd like to try to draw something in the style of both of these, as training. I drew one good thing while I was here, but I can't scan it for obvious reasons.
*Still thinks the right hand/wrist on the bottom one looks broken* *Shuts up about it*

The first one makes me think of a .hack// fan-character (can they be called fan-characters? It is an MMORPG. Hell, even the official ones are recolors...), or something. The second ... well, that makes me think "oooooh, sword-gun and tribal patterns". That and "awesome".
It's Seraphim. Which reminds, I forgot to draw the symbols for Seraphim's cheeks there.

[Dusts Thread Off]
Gentlemen... BEHOLD!


...Eon got better at art while we weren't looking D: