Sora-Chan's Graphic Overload

Well I decided to might as well do something like this. Basically I'll post snippets on stuff I'm messing with at work (in Gimp or Paint) or at home (in Photoshop or Gimp)

So yeah nothing too spectacular.

Anyway to start things off, lately I've been messing with planet creation. So heres a few I have done. Note, since I havnt created any starfields in recent months, the planets are just gonna be on black background.

Blue Gas Planet

Jupiter Clone

Blue Crescent Moon

Moon Sunrise

Probably my favorite one how of them all would be the Jupiter Clone, yeah I know its not quite accurate, but hey, it still looks pretty good.

The moon sunrise is the last one I did which took me a few minutes to do, I just wanted to do one that had a sunrise look to it instead of the usual black background.

Also note that all of these were done within Gimp

oh and while I was digging for some files, I came across this on the server of a planet and a sun with a simple starfield in the background. Note its big... as in it was ment for my 1680x1050 res monitor

anyway, onto some photoshop created material

most of the following files are big so I'll just be pasting links

basically that one was when I got bored enough to combine both the autobot and decepticon emblems into one.

Another one that I was bored when I did it, I was inspired by a startrek fanfiction radio show that I found a while back called Star Trek: The Lost Frontier. Quick Google should get you to it. hmm.. I think they may have another episode out.. have to check that out later.

also I used a old starfield in that pic, of which the original can be viewed here

Which at the time I for some reason wanted to make into a Transformer wallpaper which didnt get finished (like many wallpaper projects of mine it seems...)

I have a lot more that I've done, But I havnt linked them for two reasons. One many of them havnt been uploaded anywhere... and the other is cause I think I've done enough linking for now

later I might have to go back to doing interfaces again
Well I did another planet this morning, tried a few new things along with techniques i had been using already. I'll also probably be editing here and there all day today getting in all those tiny little details that no one would notice like the coast line, more defining to the vegitation(?), polar caps, and maybe better cloud cover.

So yeah I'll be doing that between things while I should be working, when I'm finished with it I'll post it, and maybe put it into a star field or something. Unfortunatly I cant make starfields on this computer (Work computer) since it really sucks... I beleive I've posted in the old random image thread how it looked before defragging. I'm lucky I can get Gimp to run on here, even though its not particularly normal for speed

PS, Smudge is your friend.
well, I kinda lost interest at the end of the day to work on that one planet, so heres bascially what was the end result. the two different pictures are of with and without clouds. While the clouds dont look good, some think that it looks better with them than without.

anyway... on the project I'm working on at the moment is another image created in GIMP.

Basically, I'm planning on getting a new computer pretty soon, so today I decided to create a symbol that represents it specifically. Her name and symbol are based off of a character of mine in another RP named Zera.

Anyway heres what I have so far for her.

I'm still messing around with the lighting and what not, though I think I'm gonna leave the eyes blank like they are.
*gasp* Neko-master PC!
actually foxgirl, the character itself's appearance is about shoulder length hair, but two long purple bangs that go past her shoulders, though not quite visible in the symbol. and her fur on her ears and tail are black with purple tips. the character is actually quite a bit different design wise for my normal characters which are fox girls, shapeshifters, and what not. how ever this character, while still a fox girl, isnt able to shapeshift, nor was born like that. also the other foxes are orange with white tip.

anyway, heres what I had done so far at the end of work yesterday

I'm still messing with the lighting and what not, and actually I may be inclined to work on it right now, but we're moving to a new house at the moment, and due to that my computer is being finicy... it isnt reconizing my LCD screen so I have to wait till I get my CRT over here to get it to reconize it and then enable the LCD. So for the time being I'm stuck on a computer that truly sucks... my parent's computer... ugh..
Well after fixing it up in photoshop, and messing with it for hours trying to figure out what to have in the background... I decided, after trying cogs... string vortexes.. a storm trooper.... that a black background with a little bit of text in it, would be perfectly fine

also note, its a big image, cause its wallpaper size... for my monitor.

Zera The Recreator

I may or may not end up messing with it some more later on, but for now... I need to help finish moving stuff.

Edit: PS, theres something hidden.. can you see it?
Well I decided to work on a new homepage look for my characters... I believe most of you from the old site remembers my original homepage I had up. For refrence heres the old one. homepage 1.0

Now I started on a new one with a totally different idea, and since I have time I decided to waste time by doing a draft of it in Paint.... Unfortunatly... halfway through... I realized that it wasnt coming out anything like I was planning, and instead a variation of the original homepage.

messed up homepage

So yeah.. I'm gonna stop messing around with those roads till I've gotten the main portion of it done, the background, which I think I can do within Gimp today.

As much as I liked the original homepage setup, and the fact that it would confuse the hell out of many Navis... I'm gonna go with a different idea. Heres a hint: Dyson.

Anyway, I'll post more later today if I get some work done and work a bit on the background in Gimp or photoshop when I get home. Also I'm not gonna have such blocky paths. Heck I might decide not to have paths for the most part.
well after a little work in Gimp, I got one part done, though that particular part may change a little here or there in the future, but for the most part its done.

Now I just need to work on the rest of the background setup, which'll hopefully be easier than that bit.
latest draft

1024x768 wallpaper sized

the background is really a place holder, but is also the kind of background i'm putting in later.

See the work computer isnt able to work on images larger than the size of the image i linked. Let alone the 1680x1050 size I want to have it. So it'll get changed later

After that what I need to do is bascially add in some walkways surrounding the core... possibly connecting to the walkways that are simular in appearance as a dyson sphere that is already surrounding the core.

beyond that, it'll just be touch ups and bam done.
hmmm. What is it, exactly, that you're trying to MAKE?
I'm confused.


what I've shown so far is background work.

which will be a part of the Homepage I'm designing for my characters.
well got bored in the last hour, messed with random settings, blending, overlaying, a mess of rendering differental clouds, more blending, more this more that, and a quick trip through paint.

Started out simply enough.. put a bit of texture down... and diferential cloud it over and over... hit a few artistic filtering, came up with something that made me go "... hmm... with a little work.. this may turn into a better background for that banner..."

as some of you may or may not remember... there was a banner contest a few months back. Which only a few people had entered. I had a banner that had a sphinx and a Minotaur on both ends, with a couple different custom sprites I made.

(kinda curious on why the contest never ended)

Anyhoo. after much tinkering, heres what I have gotten. Also I havnt added the foreground stuff, its just the background and some lettering

It is slightly wider than the 950 banner, by 50 pixels. I couldnt take myself to shave a extra 50 pixels to make it be that size (Save the Pixels everyone!)

Personally I find that the background is better than the original one in the banner contest, though I'm not quite happy with the streak that goes behind everything. I may end up messing with it later.
Cool stuff! Feel free to use any of my sprites if you are planning on making a new RERN banner. Also feel free to tell me if you need any adjustments made to them.
Comments on the banner--

I like most of the graphic, but the font could be a bit less... blocky, methinks. More modern-looking, mayhaps? That one doesn't look as cool as it could because of that. But, it's just my opinion. Great otherwise. =D
The font is actually from MMBN, just quite enlarged. But yeah I'll look into other font, or create my own. Or modify that one somehow.

Anyway, I have a few ideas for the back of the background. I could change it to where its a colored streak across, something simular to what was just said but with distortion to it like a weird bloom effect. or a white space kind of look, where its bascially white with shading that looks like it meats a horrizon... I wish I had uploaded some images of it right now.. but its on my home computer so I cant really do that at work... I have other ideas to mess with but those are some of the ideas.

And thanks for the offer Reap, I was actually thinking of asking you and the owners' of the Navi's about it later on
Ok got some samples for you guys to look at. I did change the font, though I'll still looking to see if I can find a better one. Also if I stick with the two fonts I used... I'll probably switch them so they are using the other set's instead.

I mentioned WhiteSpace in my previous post, so heres what I ment

I tried messing around with a few settings, and the following is what you get, though the first one might be too subtle for anyone to notice whats in the back background. I can see them perfectly clear on my screen, but apparently my monitor has so much gamma power built into it I can while others may not.

after I did those I thought I may have been trying too hard with the background, so I tried two more, simple graidents on the top and bottom

and the obligated just blackness

The last one has a appeal to it in its own, and may end up being best for sprites, but as it currently is it feels like its missing something.

Anyway, I would like to know what version other people liked. Also keep in mind, dont worry about what color I used, I can alter the colors if wanted.

Also you may have noticed that in the last two that I had the text behind the bits (fragmented data BITs possibly?) as I tried something, which it looks good though may need to readjust the text for Rogue Network to not be so covered where you cant make out the U in Rogue.
This calls for a poll!

For another banner! Huzzah x5
Ok I found some fonts, and I want your guys' opinions on them

the last two are the same font, just the second I went in and manually spaced the letters since it was doing what it was doing in the previous number, but included the original just cause it has its own appeal for being messed up, no?

so whatcha think guys?

also I probably wont be using the same font for both Rockman.EXE and Rogue Network. So tell me which font fits "Rockman.EXE" and "Rogue Network"
3 or 4, preferably.
More 4.
Ok once again i've moved to another project (I'll get back to the banner project later on).

This time I'm creating new Navi Emblems for Juri for future plans. Basically I have Elec, Fire, and Wood scetched out and I'm in the process of manual Digitalization. (Meaning Manually redo them in photoshop). You may be wondering why I am doing all 5 elements when there are only 2 navi expansions avalible. My answer: I cant decide between the elements, plus if I do it could end up being a good idea to have extra incase that ever changes.

Anyhoo, I got Elec done. Though I havnt quite decided on a few things, the first version left a 'this needs something' feel to it, the second feels better but i'm not quite sure.

First Version

Second Version

And while messing with some blending options I came across this, which screamed "INFECTION!" to me, though while looking at it right now I am reminded how better my images appear on my home monitor since it practially brightens up everything... (Also I forgot to cut off some excess 'out of the lines' leakage, didnt have time this morning to fix it before heading to work.)

So anyway, any recommendations on what to do with it for the 'shading'?

Also I'm still looking for seggestions for the text font for the banner. And please specify which font is better for "Rockman.EXE" and "Rogue Network", unless theres a font you think fits both at the same time then of which say both.