Salieo in PPGZ

Salieo:*Wakes up from hard impact on ground*Ugh...where AM I?Giratina?Dawn?Anyo?
Argo...they're not here...
???:*Run behind building and transform*
Salieo: Lights!I gotta act!
???:When you invade in our town,you must be looking for trouble!
Salieo: looks like YOU want to fight ME?*Laughing*Preposterous human girls.Any fancy transformation cant scare me.Skirts don't either!
???:State your name!
Salieo:You'll get my name once you meet...Lavahorn!*Transforms into Lavahorn*Lava Formation!*Is covered in white light*RAGE!!!*Scream echoes through city*Grr....*Breaks white light*Lavahorn!
???:What are you?
Lavahorn:Who are you 3?!
???:I'm Hyper Blossom!
???:I'm Rolling Bubbles!
???:and I'm...Powered Buttercup!
Lavahorn:*I am...Oddesketu Lavahorn!
Hyper Blossom:Enough talk,let's fight!
*All Attack*
Lavahorn:*Sits on ground and Meditates*
Rolling Bubbles:It's not affecting him!
Lavahorn:Because I'm Immortal.Ommmmmmmm....
Powered Buttercup:Then fight us!
Lavahorn:I don't fight girls.But If that's what you insist on...DRAGON DRIVE!*Sends out a powerful blast from his body,knocking them into random objects*Are you still alive?
Hyper Blossom:Retreat!
Lavahorn:*Laughs evilly*I always win!
3 hours later...
Salieo:Why isn't there ANYONE IN THIS WORLD WHO TALKS TO ME?!*Trips over fire hydrant*Ouch...INFERNAL OBJECT YOU DARE DEFY THE MIGHTY GOD SALIEO?!*Panting Hard*
Citizen:Whoa,whoa calm down it's just a hydrant.
Salieo:Right...Hydrant...But I'm watching you...Your kind will be wiped to dust in an instant!*Sees three girls and tries not to fall in love* urge!*Can't resist love urge,so runs over to them*Hi,my name is Salieo.
Momoko Akatsutsumi: hi,Hello,are you new around here?
(Huge Explosion)
All 4:See ya!
Salieo look out evil,I'M GOING LAVAHORN!*Transforms into Lavahorn and jumps to scene of explosion*
Hyper Blossom:Hey,Look!It's that guy from before!
Lavahorn:I heard an explosion,and I'm not leaving until I find the cause of it and eliminate or stop the problem pretaning!
Rolling Bubbles:Haven't you caused us enough trouble?
Lavahorn:I know what this is.It's a Spectral Crawler.Watch out because when it grabs you,you might get raped.MIGHT.
Powered Buttercup:We can take it--*Is grabbed*AHHHH!HELP!
Blossom and Bubbles:Buttercup!
Salieo:I don't know where you came from,BUT I KNOW HOW YOU'RE GETTING OUT!Lavahorn Slash!*Slashes it in its side*HAAAAAAAAAAA!
Spectral Crawler:*Roars in pain*
Salieo one more hit!Power Plow!*Plows inside of it*DRAGH!*Lets lose a fury of energy waves*GRAGH!
Spectral Crawler:*Explodes*
Powered Buttercup:Thanks,Lavahorn.
Lavahorn:Call me Salieo.*Transforms back to Salieo*
*All Gasp*
Momoko:It's you!
Miyako:You're that guy from a little while ago...You're so hot ♥
Kaoru:You get angry fast!Just like me.
Salieo on't push it.Who are you 3 anyway?
All 3:We're PPGZ!
Salieo k then,I'm Lavahorn!
Momoko:Where ya gonna go now?
Salieo:I' with you.
*All laughing*

to be continued....
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This isn't nonsense!Have some of this!
Salieo:*Standing on rooftops with sword in hand and wind blowing in hair*Huh?Where are they going?*Does a stylish flip off of the roof and lands in front of them*Hey,where are you going?
Momoko:To school,silly.Haven't you ever heard of school?
Salieo:I'm already smart enough.I trained in the day.The nights,study and training in the fields.
Miyako:I believe him.He looks like the smart kind.
Kaoru:You believe everyone,Miyako.
Miyako: Do not!
Kaoru: Do too!
*Both Quarreling*
Salieo:ENOUGH NONSENSE!I believe your "School" is starting now.
Momoko: Ok,see ya later Salieo!
Salieo: Ok...bye.Ok...NOW what do I do in this pathetic city?*Starts to walk*It's not like a Spectral is going to come and brighten my day.Unlike yesterday.
*Loud roaring*
Salieo: Oh shit.
Teacher:And so class,that's why you never--
Salieo:*Is knocked into classroom at point blank range*Mother...fucking Spectral!*Faints for a moment*
*Students scramble into random places*
Momoko,Miyako and Kaoru:*Run behind building and transform*
Salieo:*Regains consciousness*I'm outta here!*Runs behind a different building and goes Lavahorn*Oddesketu Lavahorn!
Blossom(Momoko): Lavahorn?Do you know HOW these things got in here?
Salieo:I'll tell you later.Right now,help me kill this thing!
Spectral Walker:*Grabs all 3 of the girls*
All 3:Help!
Lavahorn:I'll try,this one's weirder looking than the others!*Slashes it's hands and releases the girls*Get them!
Buttercup(Kaoru):Hammer Drive!*Drives hammer into it's head*
Bubbles(Miyako):Bubble champagne!*Makes bubbles that hurt really bad*
Blossom(Momoko):Yo-yo spin!*Throws yo-yo into it*
Salieo: Dragon Rush!*Rushes into it with Saber*
Bubbles:We've nearly got it!
Salieo:*Charges energy up*
Buttercup:He's doing something weird.I suggest we watch him!
Salieo:Shadow Saber Slash!*Uses half of energy to finish Spectral walker off*HAAAAA!
Spectral Walker:*Implodes*
*Crowd cheering*
Bubbles:Wow,we're famous!
Blossom:I guess we are.
Salieo:I'm outta here.(whispers):meet me by the cafe.
Buttercup:He's so hot ♥
10 minutes later....
Salieo:Ah,finally you're here.
Momoko:So,hurry up and explain to us you coming here,The Portal and the Spectral Army.
Salieo:My coming here was not of a purpose.I was learning Portal Inscriptions when I accidentally formed a portal into your world and stepped in,and then,it held open long enough for The Spectral Army to get through.And now,The portal is blocked off permanently and I can't return to my world at all.All my friends are back in Haro alone.But I feel better off here than there.
Miyako:Wow,you sound so troubled...
Kaoru:But don't worry,you can come live with me.
Momoko:Hey!I called firsts on him!
Miyako:No,I did!
Kaoru:You're both wrong,I called first!
*All 3 arguing*
Salieo:Enough quarrelling over me.I'll decide.I'll stay with Kaoru,then Miyako then Momoko.It's temporary until I can find myself a home.
Kaoru:*Hugs him*We're going to have so much fun together!♥
Salieo:Yeah...*Laughs nervously*

to be continued....
*Grabs topic with the index finger and thumb of his gloved right hand* *Holds it as far as possible from himself in a 'this is disgusting, I don't want to touch this' manner* *Throws it roughly at Fanart/fiction and flees*

Why would Kaoru want anybody to stay at her crowded house? Or even be with anybody for that matter? Your fanfic is a disgrace to PPGZ.
Salieo:So,this is your house?
Kaoru: Pretty nice,right?
Salieo:Yeah...where are your parents?
Kaoru: On a long vacation.
Salieo:Have you ever heard of me before?
Kaoru:No.You must be famous in this "Haro" place.
Salieo:I try to survive as much as I can.Ever since They took my Immortality and my god powers away.
Kaoru:You were Immortal?
Salieo:Yeah,WAS.This is NOW.I used my powers for silliness and evil,and They finally decided to take my powers away.Meaning I'm not longer Immortal.But I can still High Jump,Cyber Dash and use Sabers and swords like crazy.
Kaoru:You're cute for a...are you human?
Salieo:Half Varr,Half Neko.
Kaoru:It's just us alone for the next 24 hours.Are you hungry?
Salieo:No,I just ate at that cafe.
Kaoru:You wanna show me your existing abilities?
Kaoru:*Hops on his back*You seem strong.
Salieo:Super Strength....fading quickly...*Grunting*Human world...taking affect of me very quickly!
Kaoru:Try to hold out until we're done.
Salieo:I'll try.*Jumps off*Wait a minute,can't you fly?
Kaoru: Only in my transformed mode.But since you're carrying me,I don't need to transform.
Salieo:*Jumps from building to building*
Kaoru:I think you're starting to fly.
Salieo:Nonsense.*Levitates slightly*Son of a cheesecake!
Kaoru:You're starting to fly.
Salieo h no...
Kaoru:Try to jump up as high as you can and fly straight.
Salieo:Maximum point jump!*Jumps to farthest point*Too high!
Kaoru:Wow,you can jump THIS HIGH?
Salieo:I can't go but up to the ozone layer.
Kaoru:We're gonna die if we hit the earth.
Salieo:No we're not.
Kaoru:Try to fly.Think happy thoughts like a person who's annoying shutting up.
Kaoru:*Loses grip*SALIEO!
Salieo:Kaoru!*Gains the sudden ability to fly*
Salieo:*Flies toward her and grabs her*Pretty impressive eh?
Kaoru:You saved me.
Salieo:*Loses the ability to fly due to fatigue*Son of a...*tries to stay awake*I can't...awake.
Kaoru:C'mon,you have to!
Salieo:*Tries to stay awake*We won't die.Hold on tight to me.Now,you've got to trust me.
Kaoru: Ok.
Salieo:I'm going to use Dragon Crash.
Kaoru:Sounds bad!
Salieo:Into the ocean.When I say now,you let go and you'll land like you're jumping in a pool.I'll probably be some feet under.
Kaoru: Ok,go ahead.
Salieo: Dragon CRASH!*Turns body into a meteor-like object*
Kaoru:Hot,Hot,hot!*Clothes burn up*
Kaoru:*Lets go and lands in water*
Salieo:*Makes a huge impact*
Kaoru:*Is hit by huge water blast*Why do i feel naked...?Oh my god.*Blushes*
Salieo:*Re-surfaces*Oh my GOD,we lived!
Kaoru:*Swims over to Salieo and hugs him*Your plan worked!I'd never thought I'd say this so early but...I love you.
Salieo: Prove it.
Kaoru:*Kisses him*
Salieo: (thinking):52 girls,I'm better than anyone!I love being a Varr!

to be continued....
Salieo:THIS is your house?
Miyako: Pretty,right?
Salieo:It's perfect.It's clean!*Gets on knees*Clean I say,CLEAN!
Miyako:You're weird...
Salieo:Sorry.I get a little over eccentric when I get happy.
Miyako:C'mon,let me show you around,Salieo.
Salieo: Ok....
Miyako:This is the living room.*Shows him around the house*
Salieo: (thinking):At least there's been no spectral crawlers for the past day.I think they're planning something....Those reproducing filths.
Miyako:And that brings us bedroom.
Salieo:Avo's blessing!Your room is the cleanest thing I've seen since my college dorm!
Miyako:*Closes and locks room door*Is there anything you want to do?
Salieo:Show me around this pathetic city called Tokyo.
Miyako: Ok,follow me!
Salieo:*Follows her*
Miyako:A lot of robberies have been going on in the past 3 days.So,watch your back for robbers.
Salieo:I'll blast them to smiths.*Hand glows from Dark Energy*I may have powers in Lavahorn state,but in Salieo state,i can only use a certain extent of my abilities.Hold onto me.We're going for a ride.
Miyako:*Holds onto Salieo*
Salieo:Can you handle speeds up to 110 mph?
Miyako:Yeah...I can try.
Salieo:Cyber Stance!Get ready for Cyber Dash!*Dashes while saying Cyber Dash*Cyber Dash!
Miyako:You're going above the speed limit!
Salieo:I go above EVERYTHING.
Miyako:What kind of weapons are these?
Salieo:Swords.One of a kind.The Sword of Shadows and The Masterful Greatblade.
Miyako:I've heard of those before...It's hard to believe you found them.
Salieo:Should I stop now?
Miyako: Phew.
Salieo:*Pulls both swords out*You freeze,bitch!
Robber: Oh (Bleep),I'm (Bleeped)
Salieo:Now back up,put the gun down and get me 12 packs of Tropical Fruit bubble gum.
Miyako:And some skittles!Lots of skittles.
Robber:*Follows his order*
Salieo: Demanding gets you everywhere. you go,master.
Salieo:That'll be all.*Kills him with both swords*
Miyako:Wow,you're right.Demanding rocks.
Salieo:But don't use it too much.It'll result in jail time.
Miyako:I haven't seen a spectral crawler in days,are they planning something?
Salieo:I don't know.Let's go.*Keeps speeding off chewing gum*
Miyako:I'm getting used to this.
Salieo:*Jumps in air across water to bridge and lands*
Miyako:Wow,you're a cool...what are you?
Salieo:Half Varr,Half Neko.
Miyako:A Varr?Aren't they dead?
Salieo:I was one of the lucky ones.
Miyako:I bet you were.*Blushes*
Salieo:You're blushing..that means you must love me.
Miyako:I do.You're too hot.*Kisses him*
Salieo: (Thinking):53.Heh heh,Salieo you are a beast.
Miyako:*Holds his hand*Wanna hold hands on the way home?
*Both walk off into the sunset*
Miyako:But first,let's go see the sunset.
Salieo: Ok!
*Both run off to the hills*

to be continued...
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