I'm not an artist. I don't claim, nor have any delusions, of being one.

I do, however, like trying to sprite and doodle, and here you will find some of my less embarrassing works.

I also like to make up silly stories sometimes. Should I make any I deem worthy of public release, I shall post links to them here, along with the appropriate tags, such as ecchi, NSFW, etc.

A section for the girl that started my adventure here. Sadly, I only have a crappy sprite.

Ayumi in her first form. Based on a Roll sprite from MMBN.

Sadly, I have nothing for Illumina... Hopefully some to come, one day!

A section dedicated to Celeste, the only navi to sing for all her attacks. At least under the old sig system.

Celeste sprite prototype 1. Based on Disgaea's Samurai sprite.

Nothing yet :3

[Other goodness]
Nothing here, either.

Comments, suggestions for improvement, and praise for awesomeness welcome.
Flaming, general lack of common sense and decency not.