Leon's Requests

Request: A sprite of Illumina, Celeste, or Miyu. Or a copy of photoshop.
Description: Sprite of them in a normal pose.
Offer: Name it.
Status: Up for grabs.

Request: A buttload of chibis. Preferably being all... cute and stuff.
Special: It may be used as a new banner, so please match the dimension and use .png if at all possible.
Description: Chibi-party banner!
Offer: My love XD Seriously though... name a price.
Status: Up for grabs.

Request: Chibi's of the old Requiem.
Description: Make it like... the Requiem members singing a requiem or something. Or grieving over a tombstone with the Requiem logo on it.
Artist: Whomever wants it...
Offer: See first.
Status: Up for grabs.
Added a new job... and removed an old one.