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Hey guess what? I'm writing small little short stories and such. No reall reason, no real connection to each one, just little stories or scenarios that pop up in my head. Here's the first one. A final battle of sorts with my character Null.EXE

Null eased himself down against the wall and gripped his left arm. The blood had yet to slow down, and now the dirt and blood loss was making him see through a tunnel. The fight had been going on for a long time, and the cuts and burns only grew in number. His saber had broken recently and his trench coat had been lost to the last Champu. Even now as he spoke more and more viruses were closing in on him from behind the broken wall.

How long had it been since he'd walked into Internet City? How long had it been since he'd heard the report about it being attacked? He couldn't remember. All he could use to mark time was the few key points in the battle. The first was of course when he'd forced open the gate to the city. The second was when he'd first been surrounded by viruses. Soon after he'd lost contact with Rumisiel and the fighting began. He could only guess that about only an hour had passed before his chips ran out, and the viruses seemed to increase their attacks then. His saber broke about a half-hour ago and now he was left with only his claws and teeth. All along his power had been able to protect and lessen the blows from the virii, but now he was tired and not even his powers could prevent it forever. The city through it all had slowly been destroyed, until now only ruined buildings reached for the sky. Catching his breath in one of those buildings could only keep him hidden for so long though for the viruses were still growing in numbers, and only luck could keep him from being found.

"Damn all of this. I don't even remember why I came to this stupid place. I didn't have to try and save it. I could've just kept off the net and relaxed with Rumisiel at the park. But no, I came to save the day. Grr..." As he scorned himself, a DarkMech slowly walked out of the shadows from the other side of the ruined building and raised its swords. Nulls eyes glowed white before a large chunk of rubble slammed the DarkMech from behind and deleting it. His eyes slowly faded, and his NO symbol appeared again in his eyes. "That's sure to bring them running to here. I guess it's time to fight again..." With a little effort Null stood up once again, barely avoided the wood towers that sprung up in front of him from the Bagworm virus that hanged on the ceiling. Behind him, thousands of Boomer, Champu, Cirkill, Billy, Metool, Quaker, Ratty, Shaker, Scuttlest, Shrimpy, Cloudy, Snapper, Spooky, Swordy, RedUFO, Elebee, Fishy, Kabutank, Kilby, KillerEye, Zemon, and countless other types of viruses swarmed around the building.

Null was burnt, tired, cut, bloody, dirty, and downright angry, but still he turned to face the viruses. From behind all them came an even greater surprise though, three huge fearsome viruses that seemed to command them all. "So even the Lifevirus is here? Well then, I guess this fight will be interesting after all." With a roar, he called upon his powers once more and was enveloped by a white aura, its edges flickering like a flame and the power from it causing the net to shake. The aura twisted and turned at the top and formed the shape of a dragon, which let out a fierce roar and made the viruses slink back a little. But with the three Lifeviruses edging the army of viruses on, they charged at Null, who pushed off and flew at the viruses. He knew this fight was his last, but he also knew he wasn't going to die with these viruses still living. No matter how much they attacked his body, the power that surged around him would help him live until all the viruses were slain.


Like I said this was just really random. I think I started writing it because of some song I was listening to earlier. Whatever, but now here's a little extra. If you guys want something then just ask. Meanwhile I'll just be writing more little short stories.
Sheesh, already I could use a little inspriration. Okay, how about a little help? I'm thinking about doing a 'what if?' story about Kingdom Hearts. It starts up right when Sora becomes a Heartless. I'm not gonna go into too much detail but here's the basic plot

-In my thing Sora doesn't become human again.-

I have a basic idea, but a little help would be appreciated. Post any ideas you come up with and I might use it.
*Not much of a fan of "What if" fanfics...*

Sure...Go ahead >___>;; No one posted on my fic, but that doesn't stop me
I guess "What If" fanfics are not quite as easy for me to write as I thought. At least when it comes to one universe that is. I don't think my KH fanfic will ever be done, but during the whole thing I have come up with a new story. Here's a little preview.

In the Shonen Jump Universe all was peaceful for a change. None of the usual villains from any of the many worlds were causing havoc, and the hero's were enjoying a time of peace and training. But who said the villains were the only ones to cause trouble? Now as four of the hero's meet to catch up their boredom soon lead them into battle against each other, and the rest of universe watches to see which worlds hero will stand the winner...

Don't know when I'll have it fully done, but the first chapter should be done in a week. Hope you enjoy it. And leave a comment or two if ya like it.
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