((Before you start reading...Some disclaimer stuff :3

This is done by a guy named "NinjaZidt", Not the RE:RN Ninja >___>;; He's kinda strict, but he's an awesome spriter and fanfic writer(Which you can check it out on the Italicized paragraph).

The other guy, E-Man, is a black guy who goes to ToNE...I don't know what else to say -___-;;

Then there's me, Goroke. In ToNE, you can say I'm the bread-loving moogle and stuff...nothing more~

I just posted this because I was bored and this was random enough to give me a few chuckles ಠ_ಠ


((PS: This was done at ToNE~~))


E-Man: Where the Hell am I?

???: You are...in the dark!

E-Man: No crap! Who are you?

Ninja: *jumps from behind curtain* BOO!

E-Man: <_<

Ninja: Uh... Did I scare you?

E-Man: I want to hurt you right now-

Ninja: Moving on now! How are you?

E-Man: Don't give me that crap! How the Hell did I get here, and what are you going to do to me?

Ninja: Well... We drugged you last night when you were busy trying to get that hot girl's number. Chlorofoam really works, y'know!

E-Man: Bastard!

Ninja: Wha-? Hey, I KNEW MY FATHER, okay?

E-Man: *eye twitches* What are you doing to do to me?

Ninja: I'm going to blow up your head!

E-Man: Alrigh- SAY WHAT!?

Ninja: I'm going to blow up your head!

E-Man: WHY!?

Ninja: Because!

E-Man: We're not in Japan, dammit! And besides, don't they do that to a watermelon...and not to my HEAD?

Ninja: *pulls out dynamite* Oh, really?

E-Man: Yes, really!

Ninja: Well, I'm going to do it anyway.

E-Man: OBJECTION! You pulled me into this damned fanfic without my permission anyway! And you better have a proper reason to make my head asplode!

Ninja: It's fun!

E-Man: Get a better reason than that!

Ninja: Well... I don't know! It's all the same anyway! When you make a head or watermelon explode, red gushy stuff flies out, and if you manage to catch a bit on your tongue, it'll taste sweet.

E-Man: You should know, Ninja. >_>;

Ninja: Yeah, I know. Wait, how do you know my name? <.<

E-Man: Because it says "Ninja" before every single one of your lines! Can't you see that?

Ninja: Well... I can't see in the dark. <__<

E-Man: You're a ninja!

Ninja: I'm drunk. <-<;

E-Man: >_>

Ninja: *grabs E-Man by the arm and rips it off*


Ninja: ...I'm hungry. <__<;


*E-Man casts Fire!*

Ninja: GAH! That hurt!

*Ninja casts Cure!*

*E-Man uses "Omega Crotch Shatterer"!*

Ninja: Ha! I didn't even fell that!

E-Man: o__________O Are you a man?

Ninja: The joke's on you! I'm wearing a cup!

E-Man: The joke's on you! I put itching cream in that cup!

Ninja: O_________________O


Ninja: Let...stop. Let's calm down and think things through, alright?

E-Man: Fine... *deep breath* YOU WANTED TO BLOW MY HEAD UP!!!1

Ninja: <__<; Let's drop that.

E-Man: Y'know, the least you couldn't done is add a setting and scenery to this place. Everything's all dark here.

Ninja: If you insist...

The darkness of the sky shrouds over us as the white sphere of the moon illuminates the path before us. Dark trees with black leaves wave its crooked branches in the wind as a mighty gust blows through the area, whipping up the delicate grains of sand and the dried leaves of the dead trees. In the distance, a calm, soothing ocean flows over the sand of the shore of a large island far out in the distance. A towering castle rises overhead with a malevolent and murky feeling to the many towers plunging out from the wet stone. Howls of deep creature echo through the night as moon continues to watch over the dreadful and dismal darkness beneath it.

E-Man: ...I don't know what you've been watching before you wrote this...

Ninja: Dracula. <__<;;;

E-Man: You could also give us an appearance. It would really help to know wha tI look like without a freaking mirror.

Ninja: Fine, fine.

Plunging from the thick fog comes flying a lean, limber, yet strong figure of a person. That person, name NinjaZidt, wore a full-body suit of a light and dark material used to give speed to the wearer and to bend the minds of those who are searching for the person. Thin and flexible armor is placed along the back, legs, and chest of Ninja, allowing him to still be quick on his feet but able to defend himself in a case of emergency. A long, silver-tipped blade lies near his waist, gleaming through the darkness as death quickly comes soaring right at the enemies.

E-Man had a shapeful, thin body with a curving waist and long, thin legs. Soft abs fill up a large portion of his body while a large, curvy chest occupies-


Ninja: <____________________________<

E-Man: You're asking for an ass-kicking right about now, you asshole!

Ninja: Oh, like you can. You should've at least let me finish. I'm a speedy ninja with a long-ass sword while you're a thin woman with long legs, no arms, and no face. <.<;;;

E-Man: -.-;;; You win THIS TIME, Ninja.

Ninja: Of course I do. This is my nightmare intoxicating fic, after all. <__<

E-Man: This figure reminds me of someone... Hmmm... Marinogirl. >_>

Ninja: Yeah, I hated her, too. <__< I mean, she said she lost her virginity at 14! What's up with that? >__>

E-Man: Whenever I hear about somebody losing their virginity at thirteen or fourteen, it usually involves somebody getting thrown into juvenile hall, jail, or prison. <___________<

Ninja: So... What you're trying to say is...Marinogirl's white? <.<

E-Man: Yup. >_>

Goroke: *flies in from the dark, dark forest* AHHHHHHH!

E-Man: Oh my God, why is Goroke here? >_>

Ninja: You tell me. <-<

Goroke: W-Where am I!?

Ninja: You're in...

E-Man: ...Hell. <__<

Ninja: What? No it's not. >_>

E-Man: The title of this fic is "Hello, Elmo loves laxitives." That spells "Hell". <__<

Ninja: Dammit. >_>

Goroke: I-I'm in Hell!? *bursts into tears* B-But I'm a Catholic!

Ninja: Since when!?

E-Man: He does eat bread often...

Ninja: What does that have anything to do with anything? <.<;

E-Man: Wha? Ah, forget it. The pot must be getting to me.

Ninja: <__<

E-Man: >__>

Ninja: <__<

E-Man: >__>;;; What

Ninja: You didn't share. <__<

E-Man: >_>

Ninja: <__<;;; *turns back to Goroke* HEY! Stop your whining! You've cut yourself enough in the past!

Goroke: I'm not cutting myself!

Ninja: *grabs Goroke's red fluffy pom-pom and rips it off*

E-Man: O_______O;;;


Ninja: You tell me. <-<

Goroke: THAT'S IT! I challenge you to a duel!

Ninja: ...You're kidding. <__<

Goroke: IT'S TIME TO D-D-D-D-D-D *cough* -D-D-DUEL!!!

Ninja: <__________<

Goroke: I play Charmander Lv 5 in attack mode! I also activate my Rare Candy spell card, which raises Charmander's level from 5 to 6!

Ninja: <__<; FINE! I play my spell card Pelvis Thrust! Upon playing this card, I can send any card on your side of the field to Hell! >_>

Goroke: I counter with Massive EXP! This evolves my Charmander into Charmeleon and negates any effects targeted at it! Take that, bitch!

Ninja: <_____< Well, screw you! This is my fic, so I can do anything I want! I summon Atila the Hun, Mermaid Barbie, Kona-chan, Nayuki-chan, Rentarou-san, Hotshot, and Sub-Zero! Kick his ass, guys!

Goroke: RAIGEKI!

Ninja: DAMN!

Goroke: I summon your mom! Take that!

Ninja: Well... Your momma's so fat...she eats...McDonalds every day...! <______<;;;

Goroke: >_>

Ninja: <________<;;;

Goroke: Your momma's so far, her asshole makes every guy's [CENSORED] look small.

Ninja: ;_;

Goroke: >__________>;;;

Ninja: ;_______; That was cold, Goroke.

Goroke: *comes closer* Hey, hey, it's okay. I forgive yo-

Ninja: *rips out Goroke's eye*


E-Man: *nibbling on popcorn in the background* I hope I get out of here pretty soon.

Ninja: I just hope I get sober pretty soon. <__<

Goroke: I want my pom-pom back!