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Well...Here's a story I made up for my navi, Alphonse~

((There's two parts for now...If you guys are interested, I don't mind writing down some more~ There's some grammatical errors, FYI...I made this like a year ago~))

K's Story...

12:40 P.M., East Lake High School


A boy was sitting on the top of the lunch table along with 2 of his friends, enjoying their lunch and discussing about things.

"Hehe, didn't get any sleep eh?" said the tall friend

"Yea, I've been practicing for the next tournament" the boy smiled confidently.

"Damn 'K', your only 14 years old and in IMAT!! (International Martial Art Tournament) Not to mention that you're in the top 20" said the chubby friend

"Well, that's what you can expect from the world's talented fighter!!" K laughed while the two friends just stared at him. "But about the tournament, everyone that I know said I shouldn't join, even my teacher who is always behind me in every tournament I join" looking down with confusion in his face.

"What tournament is it?" Both friends questioned at the same time.

"The IMAT, NRB-Division(Net/Reality Bout)." "Ohhh, Isn't that the one where you need both navi and the op to fight together?" "Yea, It's a brand new tournament division"

K had another confusing expression, "Nabbi? I have to make a fighting nabbi? (Nabbi in Korean is butterfly)"

The tall friend had a dull face, "As expected from you. Navi stands for Net Navigator, a humanoid AI program that resides in a device called Personal Terminal, PET for short. Navi can be an AI that helps you in your life since everything is involved in the network, but later they reprogrammed the base of the Navi so they are battle capable for security, virus protection, and for fun" The chubby friend looked at the tall friend "You seriously got to stop pointing out the obvious" "But it isn't for K" "True..."

"What?! Does the nabbi thing involve computers? Man, I'm screwed."

"What if he uses a default navi?" the chubby friend replied with hope "Do you think a default navi can fight a custom navi? And do you think K can handle it?" "True...K can't use a computer without breaking a key button or two"

"C'mon guys! I really want to be in that tournament!!"

Both answered the same time "Sorry, can't help you there"


"The lunch time is over, students, please go to your 4th period classes, I repeat..."

K looked up at the school clock, deeply sighing "Well, see you guys Monday"

10:12 P.M., East Lake City sidewalk, near K's dojo

K walked down the lone sidewalk with barely any cars around, the sidewalk was illuminating with orange lights as bugs circling around it.

"*Deep sigh* why are does damn PEK (mispronunciation) so complicated...I asked everyone but I really can't understand it" The murky clouds gave way to shine the full moon to the city. "Wow, full moon already?...huh?"

As K turned around in the dark alley, a black briefcase with a broken handcuff was laying down on the ground, shining from the moon light. K turned and walked toward it to pick it up

"Huh? The handcuff was shot open. Hehe, I wonder what's inside." With the devilish smile, K was reaching for the briefcase button.

"HEY KID!! Where did you find that briefcase!!" K Turned around to see 3 men dressed in suits.

"Hey hey, no hard feeling, sorry if this was yours. Here you go" As K was walking toward the guys; he accidentally tripped, hitting the first men on the head with the briefcase

"Ahh...I'm sorry?" The first guy got up, but with an angry face "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!! Trying to trick us, are you? Well, It isn't funny anymore punk!"

The first guy took out a knife and ran toward K. K immediately dropped the briefcase and his eyes widened, K grabbed the wrist of the right hand with his left, leaving an opening. Punched the stomach and threw him away to the other side. The other two was shocked by the sudden attack.

"I said no hard feelings right? That was a freaking accident so don't take it seriously!!"

"Err, Just shut up kid!!" Other two ran toward K without second thoughts

K evaded the punch and the kick thrown by the two guys, but he was just toying with them. K palmed the Jaw of the first guy, breaking a tooth or two, and immediately round house kicking the stomach of the other, literally leaving him breathless.

"YOU WANT MORE?" K taunted to the beaten guys. "Shit...Lets get out of here for now!" All three of them ran away into the dark night, never to be seen.

Picking up the brief case again, K smirked "This must be something important...Lets see what's inside." He pressed the button to open the briefcase. Inside the case was a brown and white PET firmly placed on a sponge, strangely showing a percent mark on the screen.

"Hey, It's just that PEK thing. 92%? And it's going pretty fast"

K took the PET out of the case when it neared 99% *SNAP!* A cable connecting the PET into a computer inside the briefcase was cut off and the PET screen blanked out.

Looking at it as if it was an alien device, he had another dissatisfying look. "Did I break it? Crap, this isn't good." Soon, The PET screen rebooted, a female voice came out saying "Transmission lost...Recalibrating net operator configuration..."

"What the?" "New net operator found, scanning net operator. Finger print found, visual print found, voice print..." "Umm..." "Found. Imprinting permanent data input. 1%...12%...40%...77%" "He...Hey, wait a minute!!" "98%...100%, user verified. Booting Inputted Navi."

A hologram panel was shown on top of the PET; soon, a navi gentleman navi was rendered into the panels. The navi taking a deep breath, took a bow toward K

"Hello, My name is Alphonse, I shall be honored to be in your command"

Part 2...But I know no one ever reads this TT_TT
Alphonse's Story...

70:31 before encounter between K and Alphonse...

In Electopia University, Research center, A blue haired young women in a lab coat was sitting down in her office, drinking coffee, and reading a book "Balance of Humans and others.

"Oh? I never thought about it that way" When she was about the flip the page, a young man in the similar lab coat, also similar age, rushed into her office.

"Professor!" Breathing hard from running "Peter, what is wrong? What's with this ruckus!" as she asked curiously "*pant pant* we...we got him!" "!!"

Both of them walked fast toward the private lab. Inside the lab were countless amount of computers & cords lying down on the ground. Peter typed down password to one of the computer, revealing a special hologram. A hologram of a dark-purple skinned navi, literally covered in chains and locks, only revealing part of his face and mouth. It was violently shaking and moving, trying to break free

"Finally, your recaptured, prisoner 'A'"

The navi in the hologram seems to recognize the professor's voice and calmed down.

"So, you've finally captured me. Oh, isn't this just a fun reunion, Maria?" Maria was unmoved by the little taunt by the navi, "Alphonse..."

"Now now, where are all the good times we had Maria? Oh the nostalgic memory I have just by looking at your pitiful face." Peter moved forward to speak to Alphonse "Prisoner 'A', you are now in custody of the Electopia Officials for abuse of the net and the usage of dark chips"

Alphonse smiled wickedly "Oh come on, 'usage of dark chips'? Wasn't it Maria who made me into this?"

Peter replied "Leave her out of this!!" "It's alright Peter, I am very aware of that Alphonse, I've already faced my sentence. Now it's your turn to see through it!!"

Alphonse stood in a short silence, but yet smiled again "Boo hoo. It seems like you already made your decision about me. Are you really going to take away your once best friend? Or keep me here till others can find me oh so easily..."

"What are you talking about? Wait, Maria! 10 unknown navis are approaching our firewall, they're all trying to hack into the main computer!"

Maria turned and retorted "Alphonse! What did you do!!" "Haha, Isn't this just fun? They are going to risk their life just to save me? Hahaha!!"

"Gerr...Maria, were running out of time, they just got passed the 3rd layer of firewall!" "...Send in the security navis to fend them off, start the anti-hack data through the firewalls" "Got it. Wait, Maria, there's some problem in the secondary main computers, we should go check it"

Both Maria and Peter got out of the room, leaving Alphonse to be alone. "Heh, you've grown so much Maria...I'm sorry"

After the enemy wave, Peter and Maria came back to the lab. "Maria, we should start it by now" "Yea..." "...Heh, what's with all the emotion Maria? Having second thoughts?" "I wish I had. Peter..." "Alright, Starting 'CoRe'(Core Restoration) program"

The chains and locks covering Alphonse disappeared in seconds, but green streams of data starts to surround Alphonse. One by one, the green data goes in the Alphonse and comes back out as a white data, disintegrating him. As his body disappears, Alphonse's skin turns normal and his expression changed. "Well, I guess this is our final goodbye, my sweet lady" "Alphonse..." Both Alphonse and Maria had a drop of tears on both of their eyes, having to see the last of each other.

"Peter, speed up the program so we can get rid of the trace for the enemy." "Roger"

49:12 before encounter between K and Alphonse...

Maria was laying down at her office couch, staring blankly at the ceiling "Sweet lady...How long has it been since he called me that." Soon, a phone call came.

"Hello? Professor Maria speaking"

"Maria? It's me Peter, It's done"

Inside the lab, there were 4 other scientists inside, typing down various things on the computers. On the hologram was a shining body with a speck of darkness on its chest.

"Is that the filtered body of Alphonse?"

"Yep, everything about him is recycled, it'll only take few hours till he reach the original version he was from very start"

"...After the process, transfer it to the PET and we have to send it to Netopia Official Sci-Lab"

"This must be hard for you Maria, seeing your first navi...your first friend becoming like that"

"..." Maria turned her back toward Peter and walked away from the lab

46:49 before encounter between K and Alphonse...

The process was finished, and Alphonse was transferred into his PET, They plugged a cable into the PET from a PC inside the Briefcase to monitor and to check Alphonse's status.

One of the scientists fixed his glasses and questioned Peter "Hey, are you sure generating Alphonse into his beta state a good decision? Is it enough to hide from them?"

Peter replied back uncertainly "It's the best we can do, better than keeping him here on a obvious spot. Well, time for me to go"

Peter placed a handcuff on the briefcase and on him. Waiting for a taxi to take him to Netopia, Maria came forward to ask Peter, "Peter, you really don't have to do this, we can wait till the Officials are here to pick Alphonse up" Peter smiled and placed his hands on Maria's shoulder "It's going to be fine, I'll finish this quick, I promise" The taxi came and picked up Peter, Peter still smiling, gave a goodbye wave and the Taxi headed out to the airport.

"Well then" One scientist said, "Lets get some coffee and clean up"

All the scientists, including Maria, was walking on the hallway toward the lab, discussing about the situation "Well then Maria, Do you think the program was a success?" "Yes, I think it did a fabulous job, we only need to edit out the little detail and we can put it to full use!"

Everyone entered the lab, but it was a surprise. The whole lab was sabotaged by a unknown group of people going through computer by computer. "Wha...What is the meaning of this!!" before they knew it, couple more was behind them with guns points to their spines.

The one of the scientist whispered at Maria "Professor, what is going on?" With an agonizing expression, Maria replied, "They must've found out that we were sending Alphonse out. It's too late for them"

"Got it!!" yelled one of the terrorists, everyone gathered around and went back to the computer they were using. The scientists was confused, but Maria was shocked when she heard that "They couldn't have" "Professor? What is wrong?" "...They found the link between the computer inside the brief case to here, they're going to extract Alphonse out of the PET and make it their own again"

A loud clapping noise came from behind the scientists, as they turned around, a tall, orange haired man in a suit walked up to them. Maria's eye widened "I...I don't believe it"

3:02 before encounter between K and Alphonse...

Peter is sitting down on the couch toward his hotel mirror. Looking toward the falling sun, he wondered about Maria, "I wonder how long she was with Alphonse...Till she was separated" Peter got up and took his jacket and headed out for fresh air.

"It's so unlike Maria, not calling to check up on the upgrades. Still can't believe I had to wait an extra day because the Sci-lab was too busy. Maybe I can check it out today" He got into a rented car and drove straight into the heart of the city.

00:27:30 before encounter between K and Alphonse

The traffic was harsh and Peter was stuck in the traffic. Still unaware of the situation in Electopia University, he calls to Sci-lab, "Hello? Sci-lab? Hi, this is Doctor Peter from Electopia University, Can I speak with John from the program division?...Haha, how was over time for you yesterday...Anyways, I got the test subject from the beta version of "CoRe", sorry we couldn't send it to you by the net, too much risk...Hello? Hello? Damn battery"

When Peter got off the phone, 3 men in suits came up to Peter's traffic stuck car.

Curious about them, Peter asked, "Is there anything I can help you with?" "Yea, there is" Hearing a clicking noise; he looked down to see a pistol aiming at his torso. "Do you mind telling us what's inside the case?" The man was smiling while Peter was in panic.

Catching back his panic, Peter replied, "So, you guys are with the-" before he finished his sentence, a motorcycle accidentally rammed into Peter's car. From the hit, the man accidentally shot one toward Peter, but it hit the handcuff, cutting slightly around his wrists.

Due to the noise of the gunshot, everyone around Peter got out of their cars and ran away in pure panic. I have to take my chance!!, taking the advantage of the situation, Peter ran into the crowd to evade the 3 guys.

00:09:41 before encounter between K and Alphonse...

Peter didn't stop; he ran till he felt his legs being numb and ran unconsciously. "*huff huff* did...Did I lose them?" Peter stopped and sat down into the dark alley to catch his breath. He cut opened the handcuff by force and reached for his phone. "Shit, I need to call the Sci-lab for help. Damn!! I have no battery!...Huh?" He saw a glimpse of 3 figures coming this way on the blank reflection of his phone screen

How the hell did they find me?! gripping hard at the brief case, If I make a run, I'm going to get caught and catch me, he heard the foot step getting closer. Heh, I just hope I won't be killed by Maria If I survive this

Peter ran out of the alley and ran away from the guys. "Shit! He already knew!!" "Who cares, GO GET HIM!!" All three chased after Peter, having no idea about the briefcase he hid under the shadow of the alley.

00:05:28 before encounter between K and Alphonse...

"hurrg!!" "I'VE GOT HIM!!" "Nice!!" Peter was tackled down to the ground by one of them; soon, the other two came to surround Peter. "So...where's Alphonse right now?" Peter staring at his face, "Hehe, I can tell you this, he's not here right now" "!!" Realizing that he didn't have the briefcase, they ignored Peter and ran back to the alley "Well, sorry Maria, I tried my best"


"*Deep sigh* why are does damn PEK (mispronunciation) so complicated..."


"I said no hard feelings right? That was a freaking accident so don't take it seriously!!"




"This must be something important...Lets see what's inside."


"He...Hey, wait a minute!!" "98%...100%, user verified. Booting Inputted Navi."


"Hello, My name is Alphonse, I shall be honored to be in your command"

Nice back story. I would like some moar story bread please. :lol:
Ahem, I believe that I already read this when you first applied for K and Alphonse. So, read Zan's Story Time Corner to apologize for making me read this again. Also, tis a nice backstory. Well thought out. Good job, Goroke!
Ok, I need you guy's help!! I'm trying to make a back ground story for a new op/navi for this other RP and I need some ideas to go along!
Operator: Hieem Saae

Age: 34
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 229+ lbs
Job: Monk, Martial Artist
Living in: Yumland
Hieem's hair has a light grey hair, long and single braided, with a short cut stubble beard. His large olive eye has a lucid shine, but gives off a powerful aura just by looking eye to eye. Hieem's skin is heavily tanned from head to toe; he is well built and stout and carries a large spiraling scar over his left arm. Hieem wears an unbuttoned green Chinese casual wear (Thankfully, only revealing his under shirt), with an insignia of a fierce tiger on his back, along with a wooden bead on his right wrist. Hieem walks around bare footed, often resulting in many denial in public places, and carries his dark orange PET in his back pocket. [Speech = Lime]

Much aligned to his attire, Hieem's personality is loose and upbeat, contradicting the zen monk duty he was given to. He constantly smiles and laughs, corresponding with his gentle ways. Hieem has multiple "cliché" habits, such as playing with his bead bracelet when he's nervous, biting off his finger nails under heavy pressure, constant cracking of his neck/fist. Despite his blithe and weird personality, Hieem's sharp instinct along with rash, yet decisive decisions gave him the position of a leader. Hieem spends most of his day in the local Yumland temple, but he occasionally sneaks out and either goes out to eat restricted foods or to play around. His martial art skill could be ranked top 5 in international standard, but he decides to keep it low in his profile.

Navi: Horang.EXE

Description: Horang's appearance is unlike other navis; simply put it, he's a tiger. He stands like any other humans and barely shows sign of feline behavior. Horang's head is comically designed tiger head; lazy petit eyes, chubby cute face with a harsh scar over his left eye, and small standing ears and mouth. His hand (paw) is stout and small, complete with little orange pad, but his entire paw is slightly charred for a "special" reason. Horang shares the same attire as Hieem (The green Chinese casual wear) but with couple difference. His shirt is buttoned from bottom to neck, his arm is longer and wider, a frontal apron along with amber sash with the end hanging down loose, and fluffed pants. He carries a large white gourd on the tip of his sash, filled with his signature wine (Or so he says...). [Speech = Green]

Personality: A navi with few words, Horang is a social recluse that prefers his time sitting down in middle of Yumland net while drinking his signature wine. Even though he maybe quiet, he lowly offers a drink to say thanks or a friendly, despite the age of the navi.... His leadership skill is below average due to his low social skills but it's his action that does the talking. In battle, he keeps his lazy eye concentrated towards his enemy while having a slight smirk in his face and draws his hands into the opposite sleeves.

Charred Fists/Stance (NamuQuan): Like Hieem, Horang is exceptionally skilled in fighting bare handed. He uses a special stance called "NamuQuan" with mixture of Drunken Fist to fight, but the stance it self doesn't make him deadly. Horang's fists are charred by fire on purpose, a brutal way to gain significant power. By burning his hands just before it does lethal damage, it damages or even kills all nerve in his fist. From killing the nerve of his hands, Horang feels absolutely no pain on his fists, letting him strike without the fear of retaliating pain. Going back to his stance, NamuQuan finds harmony with the wood property and focuses around powerful punches and grappling combos.
"Hey, watch it!!"


"Oh, wise ass eh? Don't be so quiet and say sorry!"

"Watch where you're going"

"You bastar--!"

" *Smirk* "


Year 199X, The new millennia is first reach to the snowy covered city in YumLand and everything is upbeat and delightful. The net just became an international epidemic but the rise of Personal Terminals is still yet to come. Deep with in a quite street, a fairly young man slowly takes a step onto a new layer of snows, arising out of a valley, covered with bruises and blood stained white clothes. He spit a red gob to the innocent whites and starts to walk towards a large hill standing erect in the middle of the city, but then he stops and starts to talk to himself with frozen air venting out, "Shit...How the hell am I gonna explain this...", he turns and heads towards the same valley he came out and stands over 3 unconscious bodies, looking down on them and kicking one of them in the stomach, "You started it, I'll say you guys were gonna rob me." With a devilish smile over his face, he moved his grey hair away from his face and restarted his journey towards the hill.


The "smack" echoed through the peaceful temple on top of the hill and caught the attention of all residential monks. The same young man stood stolidly and kept a stoic face towards a restless old monk, who was hitting him with a bamboo stick over and over and...over again.

"Are you here to desecrate the honor of the-the holy honor you bestowed as a monk?!!"

"I told you already, they were trying to rob me, so I retalia—"

"*SMACK!* Don't take me lightly as an old man, Hieem! I'll beat you till the snow would dissipate if I have to!"

"They were —"

"Oh please, stop your lying for one day Hieem. Go back to your room and wash off those wounds."

A middle aged man in a business suit came from the door and quickly ordered Hieem. With no hesitation, he nodded.


Hieem slowly walked towards the door and walked towards the eastern side of the temple. Quickly, he changed his stoic face into a expression of pain and trying to muffle the scream he was storing in him. "Gah!! That old man! He better die soon or else he's really gonna beat me up everyday...The nerve of that guy...". Just behind him, the business man was eavesdropping and let out a single chuckle and faced towards the old monk.

"It's been 5 years now and he still arrogant as ever!"

"Give him more time, he was an orphan."

"That means nothing to my ear! He's a YumLand monk and I'll straighten him up with this stick if I have to!"

"*Sigh* I'm going to his room. We'll talk later."

and I need something to add something about a girl and something to do with tiger o_o;; that will relate to Hieem's change and stuff >_<!!