Drakim's Wierd Art

This megaman was drawn on a DS, on a homebrew (homemade by some guy in Canada) paint program. Said paint program had only 1 level of undo, and no load function (only save), thus, most errors had to be corrected by redrawing stuff.

The smallest brush is about the same size of his nose. There is no fill or circle or anything. Just a simple brush tool that is about the same as the spray tool in MSPaint.

Colors cannot be "picked up" from the drawing, so if I want the skin color to fix a small flaw, I would have to guess my way back to the color.

Took about 2 hours to make.

Here are some other pictures I made while trying to learn the program:

Random black tower with a blurry sky.

Tried diffrent ways of producing color, (look at the match's unburned wood) and diffrent kinds of ways to use blur.

Tried using more lightning, and a moon plus starry sky.

Constructive criticism is welcome
You know, considering what you've said about the program, those are really impressive. I doubt I could manage that level of art with said DS Paint.


-trys to avoid speling nazism-

I have no idea why I made this picture.
*Kills IMG tags* Board-stretcher. Looks cool, though.

aw, sorry. It fitted to me, but I didn't think of that somebody might have a lower res ^^;;