King's Requests?

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Request: Gunner.EXE
Description: Gunner in a pose of the artist's choice, displaying his maniacal battle-grin (see av for example. ^__^) He'd be holding his favorite weapon in one hand, a simple black-steel revolver with six chambers and an unusually wide barrel.
Artist: Anyone with decent skill.
Offer: 400z
Art requests should prolly' go here.

Request topic.
Aim, that's what this place is for. Look around, there are two other request threads.
Auright, never thought I'd use this thing again.

Ladies and Aim, I'd like your help with this.

It's for an av, seeing as my Groucho one is horrid and confusing to anyone not well versed in comedians of the black and white era.

I need a better version of this.

Taken from the opening movie of Disgaea 2. If anyone can find it, I'd be eternally grateful. You can even name a price, if you like.

... Of course, it'll be a small price unless you went through hell itself to find it. : P

Better means high quality, no compressor rot, and no half-chopped logo from a half-ass website. However, I'll be more than willing to settle for something one tiny iota better than this if it comes down to it.