Avatar Art Request

I'd like to get straight to the point. I would like a picture of my navi to use as an avatar. My profile description should give you something to work with. Personally, I believe thinking of it as a megaman recolor with no buster would work well. Thank you in advance, artists.

Description: White-skinned with a white jumpsuit, this navi has seemingly no weapon, but don't be fooled; he can conjure light energy from his hands. Has brown eyes and dark brown hair like his real-life counterpart. As if the light clothing and white skin wasn't enough, he seems to have an intrinsic glow about him, literally; he's a living(?) source of light.

I would draw it myself, but I suck at drawing <_< .
I also, apparently, suck at summoning artists. All I got was this tiny little frog. <_<

Seriously, though, tell me why you won't try to help me. Is it the size? Is avatar-size too small for a good drawing/sprite/whatever? WHY WON'T YOU TALK TO ME?!
Since I was at one point of time known to take requests, I feel obligated to give you an answer...

1. Strapped for time right now. @_@
2. I tend to be somewhat willy-nilly (read: lazy) about the priority I put on free requests.
3. I'm not looking into drawing much for display, since I'm questioning my knowledge of some fundamentals and wish to practice them more.

That said, I think you have Aim, EN, Lunar, Xenolo, Albel, King and Pheonix, as well as some others I may be forgetting, left as options, and not all of those are known to do random requests.

My point being, artists aren't simply dropping out of the skies to take requests. ^^; I, personally, would love to take your request if obligations (including other people I owe requests) weren't stacked against me, but at the time that's the case.

Quote (Heat Sonata)

That said, I think you have Aim, Lunar, Xenolo, Albel, King and [NAME REMOVED], as well as some others I may be forgetting, left as options, and not all of those are known to do random requests.

Leave me out of this, Heat. I can't draw, and when I do, its with cruddy felt markers and coloured pencils.
Let me try this again. SUMMONING JUTSU!

*smoke clears*

An artist... hey, I need a picture of a navi, not a dancing bowling ball!

What? That's supposed to be a refridgerator?...

(to other forumers) Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm pretty lonely.
Okay, since either the small size requirement or my aura of noobishness is keeping artists *sees summoned artist* Er, GOOD artists *summoned artist frowns* away, I'm going to change ONE of those two things.

I'll settle for just a profile picture now.

Please? Navi picture? Anyone?