Chapter 1 — Heart of White, Blade of Black [Part 1]

"Are you awake?"

Hmm? Who said that?

"My, I was so worried! Excuse me while I get some water for you."

Worried? Did something happen to me?...Err, I feel crappy as hell.

"Here, drink some."

I really can't deny her hospitality, can't I...Pttaaa! Is this suppose to be water??

"Is your eye ok? You kept it closed since you awoke."

No, nothing is wrong with my eye. I'm just tired as hell. But, if you insist... Damn, I must've slept for hours, everything's so blurry.

After regaining his vision, he turned to the nursing women with a dull look saying "I'm tired as **** and I don't give a crap", but that was swept away instantly when he saw the fluffed, light green hair along with the face. One-two deal! Score!! He immediately sat up straight from his bed and faced towards the nurse, ignoring the fact that he was naked with the bed cover hiding his bottom half and embarrassing the nurse. What he saw was a young women, most likely 3 years younger than him, the same green hair, a white dress, and the innocent face that knocked him out from his dull expression.

"P-Please" the young nurse stuttered with a blush all over face. "Cover your "part" or at least get dressed!!"


Couple of minutes passed. He dressed up in a gray shirt and olive green pants with cheap leather belt, all provided from the nurse. He stood in front of a mirror, stroking his long Silver-gray hair and splashed his face with the water (Which tasted the same from the other one I drank...Eww). He scrubbed his face with a white rag and looked towards the mirror again to see his own crimson eye staring at him.

"Umm...Excuse me?" The nurse asked behind the white curtain "This might sound sudden, but what is your name?" My name? Isn't this a funny girl, asking a stranger for his name so quickly. "It's Crysto, Crysto Bernstine." He replied with a gentle tone, "Since you asked me a question, care that I ask you one?" Crysto could see that she stumbled slightly behind the white curtain, "Su-sure, ask away", "Excuse me for the lists of questions, but, what kind of trouble was I in? Where did you find me?". As Crysto sat down, the nurse withdrew the curtain and came up to him with a chair, preparing to answer his questions. "Ok, this was how it went..."

Before the nurse could say a word, the door of the room slammed, making Crysto instinctively stand up. It was a little boy, holding a ragged doll of a girl in his right hand with a hurried expression on his face. "St. Esmeralda!! You need to come quick!! Come on!!" The boy quickly grabbed the nurse by her wrist with both of his hands; he attempted to drag her down to where he wanted her to go. Esmeralda turned towards Crysto with a smile, which made his mind go blank again, "Please excuse me, the kids seems to be in a hurry...Do you mind coming with me?", "Come on!! Let's go!!", "Alright, John...I'll be going ahead then, mister Crysto."

She walked away with hands over the little boy, leaving Crysto alone in the room. So her name's Esmeralda...Where in the world did I hear that name from? Anyways, how gives a crap about the name, she's just damn cute!!
((Play with this music if you wanna: Innocent World))

Chapter 1 — Heart of White, Blade of Black [Part 2]

Crysto started to walk along the hall of the building as the bright sunshine from the windows ran across his body. Lifting his hands to cover his eye from the sun, he saw a peaceful and small houses laid out over the grasses. It was the "cliché" view of the town: group of women talking to each other, children playing, men working, and the typical things. Gee, this place looks so much "fun"~

"HEY!! It's that dead guy!!"


"Kyaa!! He's alive, he's a zombie!!"


"Let's get him!!"


As soon as Crysto opened the door, kids sprung their body straight into him like a pack of hunting wolves, sending Crysto flat into the ground. "He's down!! Take him prisoner!!", "Hey! Wha? What prisoner?", "Silence, fool!! You're now in custidi!!" The kids sat, jumped, kicked, and even spat at the poor helpless Crysto, until. "Children!!" Ahh, my goddess finally comes to the rescue...I don't know if it's sad that I let bunch of kids beat (and not to mention spat) me all over or let a girl help me out...Damn. "Please get away from him! Saul, stop jumping on top of him! Jennifer!!" Esmeralda asked the kids to stop but they only ignored her. I guess even the mother can't control their chil... "I SAID STOP!!!" Oh my.

Few minutes passed, Crysto was back to his feet and sitting out side next to Esmeralda, enjoying the...not-so-fine cup of coffee. He heard Esmeralda's story of her life. She ran an orphanage while studying medicines, then, I realized that she was THE world renowned Esmeralda, the miracle maker (That's where I heard her name before...Duh.). She told me about her problems, which I could blankly nod and agree with, and her particular worry towards this one kid named Howard. "I can't tell you how he looks so depressed every time I see him." She pointed to a particularly large kid sitting beneath a shaded tree "Take a look for your self." She told with worried tone. Well, that kid just looks emo, nothing more, *Sip*. -End music here :3-

"Can I ask you a favor, Mister Crysto?" She asked oh-so innocently, and Crysto answered it like a dumb pup. "Yes yes!! Please ask away!" "Can you...look after the kids for me?" Eh? "I know its lots to ask but I really need someone to look over them until I come back with some desert herbs." "Err...Yea, sure, I'll look over the kids..." I'm gonna regret saying yes.

"Take him prisoner again!!" "Hey! Don't do that!" "Ohh, why is your hair that color?" "It's because...GAH!! Don't pull my hair!!" "St. Esmeralda isn't here; we can do whatever we want!!" "Hey, hey, HEY!!"

Couple of hours passed, Crysto finally caught his rest when the kids were equally exhausted as he was, well, maybe not as tired as Crysto was. He waited outside with his not-so-fine cup of coffee in his hands for Esmeralda's return. Hey, this coffee isn't so bad after you pass that crap-like water it's mixed with...*sip*. Crysto caught a glimpse of Howard sitting down on the same tree he saw this afternoon, this kid really has some problem. He tried to ignore his presence and kept on waiting for Esmeralda...but how the hell can you ignore a large kid sitting in one place for over 6 hours.

Before Howard knew it, Crysto was sitting next to him slowly sipping on his coffee. Howard was surprised at first, but changed back to his usual self. "What's wrong kid, something's in your mind?" Crysto questioned him with a lazy tone, "No, it's really nothing..." Yep, this kid has something. Crysto asked again with little more force than last time, "It's about your parents, am I right?" Howard was once again surprised, even to the point where he leaped slightly, "How d'you know?" "Well, it's pretty typical that an orphan would think like that. I think you already knew about your parents, didn't you," "...Yea." Awww, this kid wants see his parents again. "And I ****ing hate them."...Guess not. "Mister Crysto!!" a cry from over the hill came, it was my goddess!! "I'm sorry for all the trouble you had to go through with the kids," "No, no. It wasn't that bad." It was hell. "It's almost time for dinner, so please come inside! You too Howard."

When night time came, Esmeralda accompanied Crysto to a room in the very end of the orphanage hall, containing a small bed glistening with the faint moonlight from the large window. "Here, you can take this room for tonight," "Thank you for your hospitality, but are you ok with me sleeping here? I can always take the Inn." Remember kids: always try to look like a gentleman to take the catch!! "No, it's perfectly fine. It looks like the kids likes having you here.", "Haha, thank you again." Esmeralda handed Crysto her lamp and closed the door with a smile.

Crysto slumped towards the bed and slammed his body on top of it. He crumpled the pillow up against his face as if he wanted to suffocate himself. "Gahhh!! So F-ing tired!! Those kids are nothing but nuisance...I need some sleep."

"You know that kid's gonna 'burst' any second."

Crysto laid his pillow down and slightly turned his head to face the voice. The voice came from an invisible silhouette, relaxing by the window and only showing its large outline from the moonlight. "Yea, I know I know. I just didn't wanna upset Esmeralda by telling her that," "Hummph, you're really pathetic towards women, Crysto Bernstine. Just pathetic," The apparition said in a joking, yet serious way. "I don't wanna hear what you think about. Just let me sleep and we'll talk about it tomorrow."

Chapter 1 – Heart of White, Blade of Black [Part 3]

The sun rose from the other end of the hill, breaking the darkness. The piercing sunlight landed on Crysto’s calm and rested face, disturbing him till the point where he woke up. Because of yesterday’s little daycare he had to do, his entire body was sore and he could barely opened his eyes to face the sun. “Garr! So damn bright, and no shade…” And as if his bickering was a wish, a large shadow covered Crysto’s eyes; it was the silhouette from yester night. It was still invisible but the view of the sun through the silhouette was dull and black. “Really appreciate it.” Crysto said with a big smile. “Humph, I just did it because you looked pathetic in that state.”

After getting dressed in the similar attire from yesterday, he walked towards the dinner room for breakfast. Despite his lousy morning, he was walking with a blithe smile. Ah man, yesterday’s dinner was pretty great, I wonder what today’s food would be li-

“Oh my god!! She’s cooking today!! Run!! RUN!!”

“Are you serious?! We have to get out of here!!”

“Noo!!! Why today!!”

Eh?…Did I miss out on something?

Crysto saw floods of children running out from the dinner room and straight towards the main door of the orphanage. Of course, Crysto was totally dumbstruck by all this and kept on walking despite the ‘early warnings.’ When he walked into the room, he thought a plague struck the entire kitchen; not a single living was in Crysto’s sight. “Oh, mister Crysto, I’m glad to have you this early!” Gasp! A sigh of life! Crysto turned to see Esmeralda coming out from the kitchen door holding a large steaming pot. “Please please, take a sit. I’ll serve the soup for you.” She asked Crysto with a little tilt with her head.

Crysto sat down and Esmeralda quickly began to serve a green soup to him. Due to the quite atmosphere, Crysto quickly questioned Esmeralda to start a conversation. “Humm…Why is it that the entire room is…blank,” “Oh, maybe the kids aren’t hungry today. So they must be playing out side.” I have a strange feeling that ain’t it. “Ahem! So…Yesterday’s dinner was great, I never tasted a food like that!!” Yesh, compliment is always a good thing. Esmeralda shook her hands to signal a ‘no’, “It wasn’t me who cooked the food yesterday; it was by a neighbor widow who always comes to prepare our food.” “Ahh…” Come on Crysto, you can get into better conversation than this! “…Is this pea soup? I can tell by the color”...Smooth, Crysto, Smooth. Esmeralda chuckled and signaled another ‘no’. “It isn’t even close to a pea, in fact, it barely has any vegetables!” “Then, what’s in it?” “Taste it for yourself!” Here we go, no matter how bad the food may be, just compliment her and it’ll all work out…*Sip*.

Grr…My head’s all dizzy…
“Woah! Why is he all green?”
“Is he really dead now?”
Did I faint again?
“I can’t believe he ate her food!”
‘Her food’? You don’t mean…
“Poke him!”

Crysto quickly stood up from his bed, scaring the kids into a screaming chaos. He shook his head several times to shake off his dizziness and found himself in the same room he first found him self in the orphanage, the Infirmary. Did I get sick or something? I felt fine, nothing felt wrong at all, but what made me go like this… “Oh dear! Mister Crysto, you’re awake!” Oh…Damn, I should’ve listened to the kids. “Are you alright? Can I get you something?” Esmeralda asked, “So-Some water would be great.” She rushed out to get some water while the kids constantly stared and giggled at Crysto. God, my mouth feels like a desert…It really must’ve been that soup. Crysto tried to lick his dried lips, but as soon as his tongue touched his lips it immediately curled back to his throat. Yea, it was that bad.

“Here, drink this” Esmeralda offered him the glass of the crappy water and Crysto snatched it and gulped the entire cup at once. Even the water tastes better compare to the-…I’ll stop with the exaggerations. Esmeralda sat next to Crysto with an apple, slowly cutting it into bit-size pieces for Crysto. “Kids, go outside for a little bit.” And the kids did so. She paused for a second and asked Crysto with lights in her eye. “Mister Crysto, was it my cooking that did this?” Oh god…Umm…Err…Damn! I don’t think I can slither my self out of this one… “It was…n’t it...” Esmeralda’s face gleamed with a sunshiny smile. I guess she took her cooking that seriously. “I’m so glad!! I always thought it was my cooking that makes people go like this! Please, eat the apples!”

The afternoon felt quite, Crysto and Esmeralda was alone in the infirmary slowly enjoying the fresh, crisp apple and enjoying the view of the kids playing out side. Well, at least for Esmeralda. Crysto placed his fruit fork down and faced Esmeralda with a sincere face, “This may sound sudden, but can you tell me how you found me?” It’s a sudden question, I know, but I was so damn curious how she found me in the first place! She also placed the fork down and faced Crysto; she had a little expression of uncertainty but answered the question slowly. “It was 3 days ago when I was out to pick the same desert herb I was talking about yesterday. I didn’t travel far to see a dark figure walking toward the town from the distant, I was curious at first and I thought it was a traveler crossing the desert. I kept on walking towards the figure till it lifted it’s head and saw me…and it disappeared.” Crysto’s eye became more brilliant and focused towards Esmeralda. “I thought the traveler fainted so I rushed to get help. That was when mulitiple things surprised and confused me. First was that the dark figure disappeared from thin air and left you in the middle of the desert. The second was that your body was dragged, you could even see the track from miles away, and there wasn’t a single foot print.” “…Go on,” “And the final thing…The clothe you were wearing when I found you, it was the Geysir Empire Uniform!!”

((Now, many of you are totally confused about what the hell was going on. I’ll explain you one thing right now. The world this story is taking place is called Genesis, cut into 4 world power. The Northwestern Artst Kingdom, The Central Patikal States, The Far South Lemnisate Empire, and finally The Southeastern Geysir Empire. Like with many world powers, the world was once throw into a world war dubbed “The War of Genesis.” It ended with the so-called peaceful treaty that gave all powers equal neutrality. The reason why Esmeralda was worked up about the Geysir Empire is because in the War of Genesis, the Geysir had the strongest military power and was just about to take the world by their hands, until a tragedy struck the ruler and the new one stopped the fighting and purposed the treaty. Long history short, Without the luck on the world’s side, Genesis would’ve been in Geysir control. Right now, Crysto is in the Artst Kingdom, the safest away from the Empire, and having a Geysir Empire officer at Artst isn’t much of a good news.))

Crysto released a deep sigh into the silent room, giving a large, artificial smile. “Looks like I’m caught bare handed…” “No, that doesn’t matter now! I know that you’re a good person and do no harm to anyone!” Crysto got up from his bed and sat towards Esmeralda with his hands clamped together. “I guess you wanna know what the ‘figure’ you saw in the desert was.” Esmeralda’s eye widened and gently nodded. “You knew what the figure was? What was it?” Crysto turned to look at the shining window out side. With a slight smirk, the invisible silhouette appeared by the window. “You can show your self, Asura,” “Hummph, Pathetic decision.”

The silhouette finally revealed it self. Dark colors began to spread over his once invisible body as if the colors were bleeding from multiple parts. The silhouette was a large, heavily caped body, covered with black and dark blue cloaks. The bottom half was only a full set of a spinal cord dangling down with its end vertically cut as if it was precisely cut that way. The silhouette lifted its head, revealing two mask on top of each other, a skull mask on top and a laughter and sadness mask on the bottom. Both masks were tilted one by one to the left, only showing a rough human mouth at the very bottom of the face. It turned his head towards Esmeralda, who had a blank stare towards Asura ever since his appearance. Asura’s mouth slowly shaped into a large smirk and the other two mask mimicked his smile as well.


ADMIT IT!! When you read “Crysto tried to lick his dried lips” YOU LICKED YOUR LIP!!! HA!!