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first of all I don't have good enough art, so first I'm going to post a fan fic I'm still toying with. read and comment please, I need somthing to bounce off of for the second chapter...

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Chronicle of a ghost master

Disclamer: I do not own ghost master in any way. If I did I would have made a second game.

Chapter one — a spirited beginning

"Summertime is here, and there is no-one around to bug me!" yelled an enthusiastic teenager. His name was Jake, and he had just finished graduating from high school. He brushed his hand through his hair as he began to walk though his house. He thought about all the fun he was going to have, especially because his parents were going away on business trip for the whole summer. As he walked into the kitchen, he quickly grabbed a pop from the fridge. When he slammed the fridge door closed, he noticed a note taped to the door. He grabbed the note from the fridge and read the note, what it said scared him...

Dear Jake,

Your mother and I are going on our business trip to New York, but we wanted to let you know that we still want you to show some responsibility and get a job. To enforce this, you will not be getting any money from our accounts. Also only the first month of the summer has had its bills paid, so you'll want to get started on finding a job right away if you want to stay cool this summer. Don't get our stuff re-possessed.

Your loving parents

Jake breathed a heavy sigh; he figured his parents would pull something like this. Unfortunately, he couldn't think of a way around it, he would have to get a job. Wearily, he grabbed the newspaper that was probably left by his parents for just this reason, and flipped to the help wanted section. He quickly grabbed a marker and began to quickly circle all of the best jobs he could find and called them.

Several frustrating hours later, Jake grabbed his newspaper filled with failed job postings and angrily tossed it across the room. "Not one job would take me," he yelled angrily at the crumpled newspaper, "I would do any thing for a job, but no one would take me!"

Frustrated, he went and picked up the newspaper and went to put it in the recycling. But when Jake picked it up, a flyer fell out of it. Jake picked it up and looked at it, and his eyes widened when he saw it was for himself. How did I miss this? Jake thought to himself, I searched this whole newspaper and I didn't see this before. He carefully read the cover...

Looking for a job?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Aren't afraid of the paranormal?

Then come to 1033 Granden Avenue, for the chance of a lifetime.

With a slight chuckle, Jake thought to himself, huh, must be from that ghost breaker place. They must be looking for new recruits. It wouldn't hurt to try. And without a second thought he left, not noticing the thin trail of slime in the newspaper.

A little while later, Jake arrived outside 1033 Granden Avenue. He looked up at the old building, noticing how it seemed like it hadn't been touched since the 1950's. Weird, Jake thought, but a job is a job. I wonder how much they pay?

As Jake entered the building, he felt a slight chill go down his spine. All there was in the front foyer was an empty reception desk. Looking around, Jake saw that the whole room had the 1950 look, right down to the typewriter on the desk. "Hello," Jake called out nervously, "I'm here for the job in the newspaper. Is anyone here?"

As Jake idled in the room, listening to the tinny 50's music that seemed to come from nowhere, he felt like eyes were watching him, sizing him up. Jake muttered, "I can't even see where they are holding the interviews," and turned to leave. Suddenly there was the screech of metal on marble. Jake whirled around, and saw a sign that wasn't there before, pointing to where the interviews are. That wasn't there before, I'm sure of it, Jake thought, carefully looking at the sign. Sighing, Jake put his hand on the sign as he walked by, and some green slime got stuck to his hand. "Ew gross," Jake yelled, wiping the slime onto a nearby plant, "They have to get rid of the mold in this place."

Jake then continued to walk down the hallway, following the signs until they reached outside an office door. Taking a deep breath, Jake mentally prepared himself for the interview, though he couldn't shake the thought that eyes were watching him. He hadn't seen a single person on his way in, which made him question how well this business was running. As Jake went to knock on the door, a gruff voice with an Italian accent said, "Come in, and be quick about it."

Jake opened the door onto a small, poorly lit room. The chair behind the desk was turned away, so Jake couldn't see who was in it. But a trail of smoke hung lazily in the air, and swayed slightly as the man spoke, "So you're here for the job, huh kid?"

Thinking quickly, Jake started on his standard interview speech, "Yes, My name is Jake, I'm a hard worker, and I learn..."

Irritably, the man in the chair cut him off, "Yeah, yeah. You learn quickly, and you're a hard worker, you don't do drugs, and were never late a day in your life, the same stuff every other slob in this city says they do so they could get the job they want."

Jake could just imagine the man waving his arms and sneering from his chair, as he continued to rant, " That's not what I care about as long as we get workers who come to work sober and come with a professional attitude. What matters to me, is A) They treat their co-workers like family, B ) they come to work with a professional attitude, and C) are NOT AFRAID OF GHOSTS!" The man practically yelled this last part.

"The contract is on the table, it's good until you get a promotion, or you are fired, whichever comes first." He continued, seemingly calmer. "It basically says that you can't use this system for your own personal profit, you'll be paid about $100 a week, and the pay has bonuses based on how well you do, you have most of the time off, but when we call you in, you work, no excuses. Also you can't tell anyone about what you do, for the safety reasons of you and your co-workers. That's about it... Oh, one last thing, this contract is binding, so once you sign, your stuck with us. And signing will allow you to see..."

"All done," Jake said, finishing his signature. As he looked up, he saw that the chair had swung around, revealing a short, fat, Italian man dressed in a pin stripe suit. Jake thought the looked like a mob boss from those old movies based on the 50's. "Welcome to the business," the man said, shaking Jake's hand, "I'm Vinny. Take this contract to Linda at the front desk; she'll give you everything you need to get started." Jake noticed that Vinny's hands were unusually cold. As Vinny led Jake to the door, Vinny said, "I can see that you'll do well in this business, I can't wait to give you your first assignment." Vinny quickly pushed Jake out the door and muttered something about being buried in work. Jake started off down the hallway.

As he started back towards the front desk, he started seeing people who worked at the building, but they were wearing the strangest clothes.  Some people were dressed in gangster clothes, but the majority of them were wearing clothes from completely different time eras. Jake even saw some guys wearing samurai armor and tribal outfits.
By the time Jake reached the front desk, he was convinced that this place was full of nut jobs.

Behind the front desk was a woman who seemed straight out of the 60's. She had on a pair of horn rimmed glasses, a poke-a-dot dress, and was chomping on a piece of gum. Jake timidly asked, " Are you Linda?" Between snaps of her gum, she spat out a "Yeah, waddya want?" Jake miffed by the way she brushed him off, and said "well I was given this contract by Vinny and..."

Linda suddenly looked up at the mention of Vinny's name, "VINNY! Oh you must be the new boy, oh, what's your name, Jake! Well you just give me that silly old contract and we'll get you your starter package, lets see, you'll need this, and this too, don't lose this, and you'll need their files..."

Jake, who was about to be buried in a pile of pamphlets and books, managed to squeak out "Whose files?"

Linda, completely forgetting the wad of gum in her mouth, said thickly, " The people you'll be working with of course, well not all of them may be people, some may be animals or elementals but..." she paused to think for a second. "Oh it's so hard to tell since you're the first." "The first what?" Jake said. He was getting to be frustrated, and everyone was starting to look at him.

"You mean you don't KNOW? How could you sign the contract and not KNOW? In any case, here are their files, it will tell you everything you need to know about them, and read this book!" Linda flopped an extra big book, "Ghost Mastering for mortals", down on the table. She then continued with, "That is everything I need to give you, you'll receive the rest of them by package tonight." Jake turned to go out the main thoroughfare, but Linda, stopped him by calling, "Don't go out that way, take the side door, its faster."

Shrugging his shoulders, Jake complied and went through the side door. The instant he stepped through he found himself in his front hall. Quickly turning, he looked back through the door he walked through and saw Linda smiling. Jake went to go ask what happened, but before he could move, Linda waved and said, "Read that book!"

Suddenly the door jerked out of his hand and slammed shut. Jake went and quickly reopened the door, but it was just his normal street. He opened it and closed it several times, but the office building wasn't there. He closed the door a final time and sat down with the books on his couch. He sat there for a while, trying to figure out what had happened. After several minutes of unanswerable questions, he glanced at the cover of the books. Some of the titles made sense, "What to do when...", "Safety at the workplace", and "the top ten do's and don'ts", but some of them didn't seem to make sense at all. They had titles like "Elementals for dummies," and "Ghosts and You: how to make that boo-tiful connection."

After shuffling through the pamphlets for a couple of hours, raising more questions than answering, Jake decided to head up to bed when he heard a knock at the door. Curious about who would come around at this hour, he walked to the door and opened it...

There was no one there, just a small present wrapped in white paper and topped with a big red bow. Picking it up, Jake brought it into the house and looked for a card or tag, but it was left anonymously. Shaking his head, Jake figured that it was a prank of some kind and tossed the package onto the couch...

"HEY!" a voice shouted, seemingly from nowhere. Jake quickly looked around, trying to see who yelled, but he was alone...

"Great," Jake muttered to himself, slowly walking up the stairs, "Now I'm hearing things. I'm going to bed..."

Once the lights clicked out, the box began to pulse with a strange green glow. The voice spoke again, "Alright guys, lets check out our new home..."

and thats the end of the first chappy, so I ask again, speak your mind. I'll bounce off of it and make next chapter...
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fine, i'll try some art...

You thought i was kidding about my game idea, but here is an update!!!

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I still need people to help with sprite, and I need them before the 16th...

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