Welcome to the newly created Fanart and Fanfiction section of the boards. This forum is here to serve a few major purposes, and the rules are as follows.

1. This forums if for artists and writers to show off their works. Each member should make their own thread for their own graphics and one thread for each fanfic they write, so that people may easily find what they want to look at/read.

2. This section is also for art and fanfic requests. If you wish to request a piece of work, make ONE SINGLE TOPIC for all of your requests. Edit this topic as you think of new ones or old requests have been fulfilled.

3. Topics not directly related to fanart of fanfics will be locked, deleted, and the creator of said topic warned.

4. You may reply freely to any thread, unless the creator asks otherwise.

5. Do not bump your fanfic thread unless you have edited it. Doing so will not bode well for you.

Please keep these rules in mind and enjoy the new section.