Name: Dr. Jim Ringo
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: A little short in stature, Jim comes in at 5' 7 with an average build weighing in at 150 pounds. As a computer programmer by trade, he is a consultant for any company that needs his skills. Having studied programming for years, Gearman.EXE is of his own personal make. He wears blue jeans and a red t-shirt, all of which obscured by his white lab coat. His coat has more pockets than an average lab coat. At his hip is a leather pistol holster that serves as a pocket for his PET. In his pockets, he carries around his chips and a series of assorted computer "do-dads". He has perfectly round glasses lenses for a less than stellar prescription. Jim has brown hair that has grown down to the base of his chin, per point of fashion.
Personality: Dr. Ringo, is mainly a doctor for the challenge of the matter rather than skill or money. Like most people with custom netnavis he is perfectly at home in the fields of net battle. He prefers to be on the right side of the law and doesn't use his programming prowess for evil deeds unless there's what might be a greater good in the long run. Despite being a little eccentric but without the means of being completely outrageous, he is quite personable and easy to get along with. Jim has a tendency to go "all in" when it comes to risk taking. His best friend is his navi Gearman.EXE.
PET Modifications: An old-fashioned Progress PET with an adapter to fit unusual chips sizes.

Name: Gearman.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Bug
Appearance: Gearman.EXE is a humanoid Netnavi, with the composure of a young human adult. His clothing features a skin tight blue jumpsuit. He has several sets of gears on his body pairing off on his shoulders and forearms. The metallic portions of his body are a natural copper color with a slight shine over his whole body. The gears on his left forearm are asymmetrical at about a forty-five degree angle with half of each gear protruding from his body. Two more sets of gears stick out from his shoulders, more alike to one another than that of the gears on his forearms. On his feet are two sealed pressure valves, on the top of his feet. In the middle of his chest protruding from his navi emblem, is a large copper colored valve that can be turned but would be extremely difficult for an average level of strength. Occasionally his cogs will turn on their own and streams of steam sometimes jet out of openings in his body. His body is largely filled with water, making him very heavy. Unlike his main body, he has a very human like face with pale complexion. He has long brown hair that maintains a certain "out of the way" scruffiness to it. He has large green eyes, that seem to compliment his happy demeanor.
Personality: As a whole Gearman.EXE is very friendly, but not necessarily bubbly or open to people he first meets. This applies not only to other Navis he meets but to operators or other humans as well. However this is not quite anti-social as it doesn't take a great deal of exposure for him to loosen up or be himself. Once he's come out of his shell, he has a competitive nature with a bit of a perfectionist to it. Naturally, he is right at home with his Operator. He would give anything to ensure his operator's safety is assured.
Custom Weapon: Gearman's weapon of choice is a basic buster, a great deal like any other navi's only the set of gears on his buster arm spin rapidly to put a slight spin on each shot.
Signature Attack: Gearman.EXE can fire a very long cable with a razor-sharp tip on it the can stick into walls, floors, or ceilings. His gears then retract to pull Gearman.EXE to wherever it hits very quickly. He can stop the retraction to dangle or fall short of the tip. (Teleport 80)

Everyone starts off with:
0 zenny.
2 MiniEnergy Subchips.
100 HP
3 Actions
1/1/1 Buster Stats
Cannon, a Shotgun, RageClaw1, Barrier
40 NaviCust Points.